Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ho Hum

I am currently feeling a bit glum. We spoke to the prof last week to discuss the timings of my further treatment and chemo. We're travelling down to London on the 17th November to get all the stem cells and will be down for about two weeks. I'll then be back home for a wee while (not sure how long, anything from two days to two weeks, have to check availability) and then back down to London to start the high dose chemotherapy. The way the dates work out, I will most likely be in hospital for Christmas and New Year which I am gutted about. I was really looking forward to having a quiet, relaxing Christmas with my family which I now know won't happen. We normally go to Skye for New Year and because of this horrible chemo, that will fall through as well. It really feels like nothing is going right at the moment. I'm not superstitious at all, but the phrase 'the way you bring in the New Year, dictates how you'll spend the rest' (or whatever it is) has really been playing on my mind. I do NOT want to be hooked up to chemo bringing in the New Year myself. So, I am not in a good mood at all!

The past week feels like it's been really busy but the grand scheme of things, I've done hardly anything! I managed to make it to Alice's birthday on Friday which was really nice. It was great to see everyone and it jut felt like normal. We got some lovely snaps of the occasion...

After getting home from Alice's, Ruth, Teenie and myself stayed up for a while blethering and watching The OC. We've got Teenie hooked on it! I don't know if I've said, but Teenie recently had an operation on her nose.. At one point when we were messing about, Ruth pinched Teenie's nose forgetting it was sore! Luckily, Teenie saw the funny side of it (when the pain died down..).

I look like a huge cone-head in this picture but I'm starting to get used to being bald. My hair is growing in slightly and Dad keeps on saying it's coming in darker.. I can't really tell. I need to start buying hats too. I tried on a couple last night and I looked like a total goon. I've never worn hats before, and I think they only look good if you have hair underneath them. Maybe I'll just stick to headscarves?!

Ruth stayed over on Friday night and we had quite a few visitors on Saturday. My Uncle James and co popped in with some cakes and a pumpkin for hallowe'en! It made me remember when my Dad grew pumpkins one year... We all HATE the taste of pumpkins and it led to few weeks of pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin everything. I really do not have good memories of pumpkins. Anyway, we haven't eaten it so all is well. My friends Jemma and Phil were also passing through so came over for a wee while. I'm going to be one of Jemma's bridesmaids next year so it was nice to catch up on news about her wedding. Very exciting! My Dad's cousin John also came over for the weekend as he is currently visiting from Australia. He came bearing gifts of Champagne and chocolates from Paris - yum. It was great to see everyone but by Saturday night I was completely wiped. I've not really done much the past couple of days, Jamie was round yesterday (for some West Wing) and Rona, Teenie and I went to the cinema in the evening.

I got an amazing package in the post today from my Mum's friend Janice (thank you!). She's sent a whole array of eyebrow/eyelash things for me to experiment with and I'm very excited about them! Ruth is a make up queen so when she's round tomorrow she will test them all out on me. I wore fake eyelashes on Friday and I LOVED having eyelashes again. It sounds quite pathetic but I don't care.

It feels like this week is going to be quite busy so I've taken it easy today. Grace is coming round to watch Mean Girls and I'm supposed to be wearing something pink... Unfortunately I own nothing pink so I'll wear a lot of blusher. Or something like that.

I will finish with my favourite picture from the last week... Oh Dad, you're crazy.


  1. LOVE this photo makes my day. No jokes.

    Also- eh teenie, SOZ!

    dont have too much fun without me tomorrow night- tell gracey HAI.

    I heart mean girls, see you tomoz xxxxxx

  2. Okay your dad looks awesome in that wig!! ha! love it!

    Just keep on hanging in there and if you have to be in hospital for treatment on New Year's Eve don't pay any attention to any old sayings. Just think: get it done and let it do its work so you can begin the full get well of hopefully not having to do it much or again in the New Year.

    Your posts are very encouraging to me and really remind me to keep a good attitude and embrace whatever life throws at me. Thanks for that.


  3. Crazy or hideous...that is the question!