Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blame it on the Weatherman

Now, I am not blaming Sean Batty for this current weather situation - this blog title is actually in reference to THE BEST, 90's, fourpiece, denim wearing girlband, B*Witched! I've been humming the song in my head all day. The weather in Scotland is pretty crazy at the moment so our flight to London tonight has been cancelled. I was due there tomorrow morning for an MRI, x ray, meeting with the fertility dude and the prof. It's rather annoying having to miss it as they're all very important appointments. Guess there's not much we can do about it. Stupid weather ruining everything! The storm is making me want to watch the Wizard of Oz, particularly this scene..

I've been feeling pretty rubbish this week, just tired and run down I think. Slightly relieved we don't have to go.. I've not been doing all that much. However, here is a snap of Ruth and I at an event last week to show you my hair..

As you can see, it is coming in incredibly curly.. I've been getting quite a lot of lovely compliments about it which is nice! One girl even approached me last Friday to talk to me about my hair - very sweet. Typically though, I hate it. Always want what you don't have eh?

Anywho, will leave you with a snap of B*Witched - what babes.

I'll be back soon - with Christmas chat no doubt. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oh hello there!

My oh my, it has been some time since I wrote a blog! As I am in today, I thought I should crack on and fill you all in on what's been happening with me. Actually, not much really.. 

Annoyingly, we have had to put Mum's 'hospital packing skills' into practice TWICE as I have ended up in A and E a couple of times recently. The first time was a few weeks ago - I had stomach pains all day and eventually gave in and went to hospital. The ward was great (Wishaw, once again, another ward!) and the nurses were lovely. I had an xray, bloods checked, painkillers and fluids. The next day, the pain improved so I was allowed out (phew). The stomach pain happened again on Monday night, yet this time it was a lot more severe. I haven't had pain like that since the first high dose so it was pretty horrendous. The pain got steadily worse and Mum once again packed a case for me and we headed to Wishaw hospital. Typically, the second we arrived on the ward, the pain disappeared! The nurse clerked me in, I saw a doctor, had my blood checked, x rays done and I was totally pain free! Another doctor came to speak to me and said she wanted to keep me in overnight to observe me. I was determined that I wouldn't stay in as it was Teenie's graduation the next day and had a whole argument prepared as to why I needed to go home. She was very understanding and said as we are sensible (ha) she would let me home - hurrah! She thinks I have adhesions on my bowel which is quite common after surgery to the bowel, and these were causing the pain. She also said this could happen again so I'm freaking out that it will.. Anywho, I'm feeling a lot better today so that is good! I have an appointment at Wishaw tomorrow to see my surgeon so we will be discussing my surgery then. 

So, as I said above, yesterday was Teenie's graduation from Caledonian University. She has had a very busy few weeks (Beauty and the Beast at the Kings, Ballet exam, preparation for another dancing show, an essay AND graduation) but it was a lovely day. James wasn't able to make it as his back is still very bad and it felt very odd without him. We're all hoping it will improve as he is so uncomfortable all the time. The grandparents all came down for a few days which was very nice though. 

As mentioned above, Teenie was also in the Pantheon production of Beauty and the Beast at the King's Theatre. I was lucky enough to go twice - which I'm glad about as it was great! The principals were all fantastic, as were the whole cast. I would go again if I could!

You can't really see, but this is Rory posing with Teenie on the poster!

One of Teenie's parts was a 'fork', so this is us doing 'the fork'..

Aside from the above, I don't really think I've been doing much.. I had a lovely couple of days at my cousins in Ellon. It was so nice to be away, I had such a great time. It made me realise that I've not had a holiday for a long time. 

This is a picture from the longest game of 'Escape from Colditz' EVER. Has anyone else ever played this?! I normally love games but this one, I do not enjoy. Rosanna and I were in a team and won THREE TIMES. Clearly, the hope of finishing the game was an incentive to win.

Last week, I was invited to the Scottish Parliament with the Teenage Cancer Trust to speak to Nicola Sturgeon about the charity. I had a great day and instead of being nervous, actually really enjoyed it. Is that weird?!

As I have been gradually getting stronger and able to do more, it's making me think about the future and realise that everything is so unsure. I'm starting to feel pressure to figure out what to do and I'm finding it all rather stressful. The littlest thing still stresses me out, so I'm finding this pretty difficult. I know it will take time to figure everything out but I get myself worked up about it quite a lot. 

Also, as it is now getting close to Christmas, it is obvious that I'm going to start reflecting on where I was last year. I honestly can't believe it was a year ago - sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. This time last year, I was so scared, apprehensive and physically shattered. I was absolutely terrified at the prospect of the high dose and honestly didn't think I was going to come home. It makes me feel quite sick when I think about it - probably not a healthy reaction! I guess this time of year will always make me think of where I was at the end of 2010 and make me so thankful that I'm not there now. This year I am determined to have a great Christmas and am probably going to do everyone's head in with my Christmas related chat. If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be that my brother would be back to perfect health and get back to his normal self. James, you are obviously our Tiny Tim. Just a very tall version.

As always, I have rambled enough so I will leave it there. Thanks for sticking with me! 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I do realise this post is a bit late, I'm not quite sure why it's taken me so long to write it! A few weeks ago we were back down in London to see the Prof and managed to tie it in with my Willow Foundation ( weekend. I chose to take Mum, Rona, Teenie and Ruth to a show (Wicked, obvs) and we managed to do a lot of other things!

On Friday morning, Mum and I got a very early flight to London and made our way once more to Charing Cross Hospital. It always feels very strange going back there, but in a familiar way. I don't really have happy memories of that hospital so it's never much fun going back. Anywho, we went in to see the Prof and were chatting away as normal. He brought up my MRIs from August and April to compare and see if there's been any change. There was a bit of a fright when he noticed quite a lot of fluid in my back. He quickly ran down to Radiology (after mentioning getting an ultra sound and PET scan) so I obviously started to freak out. He was away for about 20 minutes (longest 20 minutes ever) but came back smiling saying everything was OK. The word 'Phew' does not begin to cover the relief. Apparently I have 're-feeding syndrome' which is quite common in patients who have gone through High Dose chemo. Basically, you don't eat for a month, then you come out of hospital and stuff your face which then causes fluid in the back.. I don't understand the logistics of it but I'd rather have this than anything else! My blood levels (well, magnesium) are still a bit all over the place so he is apprehensive to have my operation before they stabilise. He has delayed this until the New Year which I am totally fine with. After seeing the Prof, I then went to see another specialist who has sent me for a gazillion blood tests which will be repeated in another six months.

After a horrible panic in the morning, Mum and I were feeling pretty drained so we headed to the hotel. I've never really stayed in a swanky hotel before, but this one was well swanky! So nice. Teenie, Rona and Ruth came later on in the afternoon and we then got ready for a walk to Buckingham Palace, dinner (with Daphne!) and The Wizard of Oz!

I really didn't have high hopes for The Wizard of Oz, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most folk will know, I do adore musicals, but for some reason have never thought of The Wizard of Oz as one.. Yeah, that sounds daft but the songs aren't really that memorable are they? Well, they clearly are memorable as I was singing along (probs wasn't supposed to be) during the whole thing.

The next morning, we set off early as Ruth had booked us a manicure with Wah Nails ( Being a huge nail polish/nail art/nail anything fan, I was pretty darn excited. My nails are now (finally) growing with no ridges on them so this was perfect timing to get them done.

We then popped along to Liberty's (YAS) and to some of our favourite make up haunts. After all this, it was then time to be tourists again and we went on the London Eye (well, those of us who were BRAVE enough) and a wee river boat. We've been to London so many times and never done this so we were rather excited!

One of Teenie's great snaps from the boat... Oh, it was raining.

We were only about a ten minute walk from the hotel so decided to walk... STUPID IDEA. It started to pour. Oh well. We got back, chucked on more make up and some dresses and were ready for Wicked! We met Twee for some dim sum before which was lovely.

Ali got me obsessed with Wicked years ago when we worked in a hotel one summer. So, it is all her fault I love it so much! This was my third time seeing it but I was so excited for the rest to go as I have talked about it SO MUCH. Third time is definitely a charm as it did not disappoint - we all loved it. I'm so happy everyone else enjoyed it and we were singing the songs all the way home.

We also managed to fit in the Chanel exhibition at Harrods (if you can go, do. It's amazing - a HUGE 2.55 bag! The dream), macarons at Laduree, lunch in Covent Garden and the big Topshop. All in all, an amazing weekend.

As you can see, I am still carrying my beloved Mulbers everywhere. I think this bag has travelled everywhere with me this past year. I am not sure if I have told the story of when/how I got it on this blog, if not, I have probably told you to your face (as I have bored everyone with it). This is the moment I opened the beautiful net-a-porter box to find it.. Best. Present. Ever. Thanks Dad :)

Not the most flattering angle for me, but I feel happy when I look at it!

I have been doing a lot more recently and definitely building up my strength and confidence. I am now more than six months out of High Dose chemo and I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel. The prof did stress that is is gradual but I'm feeling great! OK, I will stop now - this has been long! Congrats if you got this long.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Something else I want to say..


That's all.

Everybody loves a Ceilidh

Well Hi there! It has been a while. I thought I should post a wee update of how the Ceilidh went last Saturday. The day was rather stressful getting everything organised but it seemed to go pretty well! About 200 people showed up and we made over £3,500 for the Teenage Cancer Trust so I was VERY happy with that. This money is going towards the new centre being built in Edinburgh. Everybody that came was on such good form and the dancing was a hoot. Thanks so much everybody for coming and for going for it on the dancefloor! Here are some snaps to show how well it went..

Being shown how to work the sound..

This was near the end - I think they were rather tired!

Clearly, Dad and Uncle James were having a blast. 

I have SO many people to thank for helping me put this together. Firstly, both of the bands. The Ceilidh band came all the way from Inverness and they were amazing. Four very talented young musicians who were so keen to help and helped the evening go so well! The other music for the night was provided by my chum Andy's band, Hidden Agenda ( I think everyone can agree that they were awesome - most folk had a dance at some point (particularly Jamie and Gordon..)! Next, we have 'Scrumptious' who made the wonderful cupcakes that you can see. Thank you SO MUCH girls for doing that, the cupcakes were amazing! We had a HUGE raffle (which was a bit stressful at the time, but oh well!) and I was so happy so many wonderful companies contributed towards this. There is a list of the raffle prizes on the website ( Lastly, I have so many of my friends who I want to thank... Bex, Will, Frances, Louise - you guys were so helpful with getting things for me and bringing things that I forgot (ie a moneybox, table cloths, tealights, a top hat etc..). Alice, for driving the band to and from Inverness - you must have been knackered so thanks! Lynsey (and your Dad for piping!), thanks for coming early to help set up and for taking wonderful pictures. It's so lovely to have made a great friend through this TCT stuff. Stef and Tom, you guys have been great. After a totally crap year you both were so keen and supportive throughout it all. Ally, thanks for doing the 'guy' stuff which all of us girls were pretty useless at! Jamie, for designing the website and doing all the 'techy' things! My (very large) family for doing whatever I asked of them! Mum, Teenie and Claire for being around all day and pitching in wherever they needed to be, Dad, Uncle James and Auntie Winnie for being 'on the money', Rona for being a 'raffler' and the rest for being so incredibly supportive. Last, and by no means least, is my right hand woman Ruth. She has gone above and beyond the call of a best friend (not just on Saturday) and I would be totally lost without her. The wee presentation she sorted for me at the Ceilidh just proves how thoughtful and kind she is. Saturday wouldn't have been possible without everything she did to help so, thank you Ruthie. 

I have definitely missed people/roles/things/no idea what else out but I really hope everyone knows how grateful I am for the support and help that they gave whilst I was organising the Ceilidh. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and it was amazing how much was raised. 

I've been rather busy these past few weeks but shall leave it here for now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.