Friday, 30 July 2010


I have been given permission to scoot off to Liverpool so me and mum (my hot date) are heading off about 2. I am unsure why I am sitting on the computer when I have not packed anything but there you go. My counts were a bit low but the doc said everything was alreeeet! I'm well excited!

My normal doc is on holiday so had another doc today who I've met a few times before, he's really nice. He was asking what I'd been up to so I listed everything like cinema, lunch, sleeping, sushi etc and he was like "Sushi?!?!?!?" and I'm like "Yeah? What of it? Oh crap... Raw fish.... Right so I'm not supposed to eat sushi yeah? Whoops" and he's like "Duh" (not actual conversation but very similar). He asked how many times I've had sushi... I think it's about 5 so I guess that's not too bad... Hmmmm. Well i know not to have it again. To be honest, the last time I had it (cos my tastebuds are going crazy) it tasted really bland. Oh well, another thing to steer clear of.

My HCG level has been going a bit mental lately. It went up quite high last week and there was talk of moving my surgery forward (to the next few weeks) if it didn't reduce. However, we had a result today from Wishaw on Wednesday and it was 46 (which is the lowest it's been). Yet, as they've been all over the place we don't know if this is yet another 'rogue reading'. Also, this is a different lab and we still don't know what the comparisons are. I've had more taken today and will get more on Monday so it's yet again a case of playing it by ear (isn't everything?!).

Here's a picture of Ruth and I with my hair curly - hairs nice eh?! Surprisingly I still have quite a bit of my own hair. It is definitely balding at the left but it doesn't look that bad. I think it must be a ginger thing.

I really should go and pack - laters gators!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Minted out my nut

Mum was popping out to drop James off at Kirsty's and I asked her if she could buy me some mints... Well, that she has done. She has returned with polo's x2, Extra Strong Mints, an Aero, Tic Tacs x2 varieties, Extra chewy mints, Chocolate Peppermint Creams, Softmints and Fruit Pastilles (which I presume are her choice). I feel like I definitely have enough mints to choose from. This variety has well exceeded my minty expectations. So yeah clearly big things have been happening with me today.

As I was 'looking after my white blood cells' today I really didn't do much at all. Auntie Dianne, Claire and Alexander popped over for lunch so that was nice. In the afternoon I managed to watch three episodes of Australian Masterchef AND read the last Scott Pilgrim book - wild eh?! Tonight I am unsure whether to pack or not... I'm paranoid that if I do pack I won't be able to go and then it would be a bit rubbish. Hmmm.

Last night Ruth, Jamie and Kirsty came over for dinner which was nice. Ruth has curled my wig for the wedding and it looks acers! I'm still well para when I wear it though, I feel like it's falling off my head. Mega cringe if it fell off at the wedding. Well, fingers crossed I can go!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hugh Jackman

I have realised that my blog titles seem to be whatever is in my head at that moment in time... Currently it is Hugh Jackman. Not because I'm some weirdo that sits and thinks about him but I'm watching X Men 2 and he is definitely one of the best mutants. Storm is totally the worst, what rubbish powers.

The past couple of days have been a total drag. I feel the same way I did after the POMB but it's exaggerated. Since I got out of hospital I've not really done anything, I just don't have the energy. Apologies for not replying to texts/emails, I've been very lazy and self indulgent.

One good thing is that I am now able to concentrate on reading. James has lent me the Scott Pilgrim books and they are ace. I finished the first five pretty quickly and now I'm on the 6th. However, I am now officially a total loser - I blog and I read comics.

Oh I did do something today - went to see Toy Story 3! I looked like a complete hobo though. One thing I said at the beginning of all this mess was that I didn't want to look like a sick person when I went out. Well, today I didn't look sick, I just looked rough. Toy Story 3 was really good as well, very sad. I may have shed a tear or two at the end...

Tomorrow I've got an appointment at Wishaw then Will and ML are coming over (hopefully to read more extracts from Rona's diary) then Jamie and Ruth are coming out for dinner (I should probably tell them this - well by tell, I mean confirm). I can say now that I won't be great chat but mum will do the talking anyway. On Thursday I plan to sit in all day and protect my white blood cells! I'm getting blood tests taken on Friday morning to see if I'm ok to go to Liverpool for Tasha's wedding so fingers crossed...

Nothing else to report at the moment. Well, we did ask Dad what X Men character he would like to be and he replied "Thor"... Hmmm is that not a Viking god? Good one pops.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Granny & Gorpa

Why is it when people are nice to me I get upset?! Yesterday when Granny, Grandpa and the cousins were round Granny said she wanted a word with me and gave me a lovely present. She has been so amazingly kind and supportive. So, obviously, because I'm pathetic I started crying. Then Grandpa came to make me cry more. I'm sure that wasn't his intention but that's what happened! I think they are probably the nicest people on the planet. 

After they left, my 82 year old texting bud (Grandpa) sent me a lovely message which again set me off. He said, "You are a wonderfully brave girl and we all admire you as well as love you. Gramps xxx".

This is a rather random post but this is all I wanted to say. 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Achy Breaky Bones

Ahhh the classic Achy Breaky Heart has been in my head for the past few days as I am getting weird pains in my bones. I was told this would be a further side effect of this chemo. It's weird as I'm struggling to walk down the stairs without my legs giving way. It only seems to be my legs at the moment but we'll wait and see... At least I have Billy Ray Cyrus to help me through this! Another side effect seems to be that I am completely shattered. I have literally done nothing the past few days and everything is such an effort. I know I have to take it easy for the next wee while. A further frequent side effect has been weird black spots and sparkly things I see in my eyes. The only way I can describe it is like looking into a kaleidoscope (remember them!?) and seeing lots of white sparkles. It is very odd and seems to come on whenever it chooses. Which I'm so happy about. I've been wearing my glasses quite alot and I have no idea if that helps or not. We shall wait and see...

As I've not written in a while I feel this could be a very long post so I'll apologise now. I would advise you to stop reading if you're bored already, it's not going to get better.

Last week (before going in the Beatson), Teenie, Alice and myself went to get me a picture for my Disabled Badge (this is mainly so mum can get a good parking space at Sainsbury's). First off, it is now a FIVER to get passport pictures done! Eh since when?! Remember when you would go on a Saturday afternoon with an ice pole and sit and take pictures for ages? I would never have the pocket money to do that these days. So, I sit in for my picture and it eventually takes a photo while I have a mouthful of cookie in my mouth. Oh great I think, at least I can take another. But no, we have picked a dodgy machine which only lets you take one picture then prints off 6. So, in my disabled badge picture I do fit the bill. As in, I look pretty manic with crumbs at the side of my mouth. Mega Cringe. At least people won't doubt I'm disabled.

While I was in hospital last week I got a lovely phonecall and package from my good chum Stef who is currently in Vietnam. It was so great to hear from her. As we've been in contact loads it doesn't actually feel like she's so far away. When I'm all better she wants Ruth and I to come visit - ehhhh yeah! That would be amazo. For some reason after talking to Stef I looked at some old photo's and found two of my favourite ones from their grad ball (fabulous night). I love these photo's.

Oh yeah, who wants to see a picture of Ruth blonde?! Well here is your chance. When my room mate Cheryl was away the other day we had a play with her wig... I did NOT suit it at all, blonde is not my look. Thoughts on whether Ruth suits it?!

I have a photo of mum too but her eyes are closed (obviously - they seem to remain shut when a camera is near) so I won't embarrass her. I'll just embarrass Ruth.

One of the plus points of being in hospital was having lovely visitors and being brought lots of lovely food! I think the busiest food day was Tuesday... Pamzo brought me jelly and chocolate, Barbara and Amily brought LOADS of Millies Cookies, Alice brought the most amazing tub of tablet sent from the fabulous Sandra Munro and William made Malteser Cake. Unfortunately, I had completely lost my appetite and wasn't really able to consume any of these Tuesday treats but my Dad had a whale of a time when he came that evening! Everyone has been so kind (or just trying to make me fat). My appetite is still a bit MIA. When food is in front of me I'll eat it but I don't really crave anything. I have this horrid taste in my mouth though and sometimes eating something gets rid of it (if only temporarily). Yesterday I ate a lot of pickled onions and quite a few twiglets... It doesn't sound like the most appealing combination but ya know, it worked.

Since coming home I have made a dreadful discovery... Rona, Teenie and James have completely attacked my sweetie jar! I had filled up a jar with sweets for when my tastebuds go mental and look what I come home to... How rude! I bet Rona ate all the liqourice, James the fizzy ones and Teenie ANYTHING. Teenie has assured me she will refill it. Yeah right.

A new current obsession is Celebrity Masterchef. I love it. On Thursday evening Mum, Dad, James and me watched two episodes and it was bliss. I love how crap some of them are. One of the annoyances was my Dad going on and on about how much Jenny Powell looks like Michael Jackson. After he said it about ten times I did start to see the resemblance.

I know I've been moaning about how annoying and long this chemo is going to be and that I'm frustrated that it's all change but it does mean that I should hopefully be able to make my friend Tasha'ss wedding next week! I am so excited. I've got to go to the clinic on Friday to check my white count and (fingers crossed) if everything is ok mum and me are going to go down that evening for the wedding on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to it but I'm scared to get too excited about it in case I can't go! It does mean I need to think about what to wear.. I have no idea! It'll be great to see everyone so I really hope it falls into place.

I've not done anything today yet (at 14:18, waster) but my Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Ivor, Auntie Rosemary and cousins Esther, Jonny and Euan popped in on their way back from Keswick. Ach they're all so great. I just wish we could see them more often (G&G live in Inverness and the cousins live in Skye). We used to have such amazing family holidays and it's harder to get everyone together now we're so old! They've all been amazing though, I am now regularly texting my Grandpa too! The kids had a wee game of Beatles Rock Band which I took a snap of.. I didn't participate, I just played the bongo to put Teenie off.

Well I think that's enough for the moment, I shall return soon!

Thursday, 22 July 2010


This is the only word I feel really describes how I feel. Well, that or 'bleugh' which is harder to describe. Whenever someone asks me how I feel and I reply saying 'bleugh' I feel it should be enough but it never seems to be. Hmmm.

Apologies for replying to nobody over the past five days. I had a venflon (sp?!) in my right hand most of the time which meant I could do absolutely nothing. I was even struggling to read a magazine so facebook was a no go! Pretty pleased to be home today though. Today would've been the twelfth day in hospital (except that one Wednesday at home) and I was so ready to be home. I just felt so fed up. The nurses are so lovely but I just needed to be home.

I have just re-read what I wrote and it makes zero sense. I am just so knackered, that's my excuse. I will write more when I am more coherent. Goodbye.

Friday, 16 July 2010

All Change

Yesterday wasn't a great day... Found out that my HCG Level (my tumour marker) has stayed in the 70's so has not changed. The professor said if this happened (if the level stayed the same) it means I am now not responding to the POMB/ACE chemo regime and we will have to change it. So, my doctor came in and I am now going to begin a chemo regime called TIP. There are more side effects to this chemo and my hair will probably fall out pretty quickly. This also lasts longer so I will be in hospital until Wednesday (I was not happy about this). However, it is only every three weeks so I will be at home for longer periods of time.

Another thing about this new chemo is that I'm going to have to get a Hickman Line put in. They're often used for chemotherapy and can stay in your body for long periods of time. It does mean that I'm going to have two random dangly things hanging out from my chest for months. Jamie helpfully pointed out that I will look like a cyborg. Yeah, thanks for that Jamie. I'm sure I won't look like a cyborg... This means they can give me my chemo through it and take blood so I won't need anymore needles. That's a definite plus!

We're stil going to check my HCG level every week and hopefully it will start going down again. If it doesn't decrease we may have to move surgery forward. So we are still playing everything by ear.

I'm going to head now and get some grub, goodbye!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hellooo again! I have been allowed home for the evening as my white count has increased - yay! This also means I should be able to start my chemo tomorrow which is good. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to start on Thursday due to my rubbish blood but everything seems to be going ok.

So, I managed to speak to the professor on on the phone on Monday which was good. He called me after meeting with my Dad and was really positive. He said he was happy with the way my tumour was behaving and the plan is for me to have another 8 weeks of treatment and then be rescanned. After this if the tumour is still reducing we will then talk about surgery. Also, the tumour in my bowel has gone from 5.94cm to 4.67cm which is nearly 20%. He said that I should be very pleased as everything is looking very good. I asked him how my chorio is behaving compared to others but he was quite reluctant to answer as he says my type will probably behave differently as it is so weird. However, he was really helpful and said we can contact him whenever we have any questions at all. Hopefully I'll be able to go and see him after the next round of scans. So I was happy after that conversation!

We phoned for my HCG results from last week and unfortunately it has risen from 58 to 72 (I think it's 72 anyway). The professor said this could happen but if it continues to increase again we may have to rethink the chemo regime. Basically we need the HCG to decrease and eventually reach 0. I think we can phone for Monday's result tomorrow so fingers crossed.

I'm really glad to be home, I was getting so bored in the hospital. I'm now sharing a room which is quite different but nice to have someone to talk to. I think mum, Rona, Teenie and me are going to sit in and watch the film Leap Year.. James told me Empire reviewed this film and gave it one star.. This has not put me off at all! I am still craving a chinese so mum has gone to Sainsbury's and is going to buy lots of chinese food for tonight. Yum! Also, I thought my laptop was screwed but mum took it to Freddie and apparently it was only filled with dust... Oh well at least it works! Laters!

Monday, 12 July 2010

05:25.. AM

Yes, that is the time and yes I am wide awake. My back is killing me so I have been pacing around the day room. For some reason walking kind of calms it down. During the night I have had quite a lot of morphine, cocodomol and the nurse just gave me diazapam (I have probably spelt all of them wrong) and nothing seems to be working... It would appear that I have a strong resistance to pain medication - Oh great! I've not really felt sick at all until last night/today but I get a 'sicky feeling' whenever this back pain gets severe. It's also in my chest, it's kind of a pulsing pain and feels like someone's punching me in the chest and back at the same time to a rhythm. The beat is simple time and possibly 4/4 - oh I'm a lol. I can't remember if I wrote this in my post last night, but they think it's related to the GCSF Injections I've been getting. I get them three times a week, a week after I've had the chemo. I had my last one last night so I presume this pain will continue. Oh well. I need to man up.

Something I forgot to mention in my post yesterday was my luncheon with some chums on Saturday. There was about 12 of us and I had told everyone we HAD to to the The Goat (which used to be a regular haunt) as they did skinny fries (which I have been craving). So, everyone trots along to The Goat and guess what... They have changed the menu and have NO SKINNY FRIES. I honestly thought I was going to hit the waitress. How sad is this that this is my only news of note? I do feel that everyone who was at lunch felt my pain though, they are good friends. A few people even offered to slice my chips (which were hand cut, yuckers) into skinny fries. How kind. Anyway, after this I decided that I will never go to The Goat again. Headline news eh? Call Heat Magazine!

I have no idea how much longer I'll be in here. I was due in on Thursday for chemo so I think they might keep me til then. They checked my white count again last night and it is apparently now 0.02... I've been told this isn't great. I find it strange that this can be such a big deal but I can't feel it. The only thing that's really irritating me is the back pain (I presume tomorrow it will be tiredness...).

Oh yeah, Dad made it to London and is going to see the prof. I don't feel nervous (which I thought I would), I actually feel quite excited. I think he's going to call me about 11am. I want to figure out how to put my phone on speakerphone so me and mum can both talk to him! If anyone knows how to do that on a blackberry, let me know... I've had it for months and I'm still clueless.

You know what song's going round and round in my head... The Drugs Don't Work. It won't leave! I think I might try to go to bed and put on my ipod... Hmmm but what to listen to.. I have a playlist on my spotify of acousticy stuff which I feel sends me to sleep - it's mainly Lou Barlow and Ben Kweller (who I actually do like) but it seems to work. Maybe that's what I should do. Or maybe I'll turn into one of those weirdo's who listens to rainforest noises to get to sleep?! No, probably not. And no offence if you're one of those weirdo's. I'm sure you're not weird.

Right I am now just typing cos I'm awake. It's light outside so it will feel strange going back to bed. The nurses have been so lovely tonight though. I feel like I'm being such a pain but they're reassuring me that I'm not!

Also, hair update... It is still here. I am balding but it's staying strong! Good night, well morning I guess.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

London calling... But not for me

So, I was supposed to be going to London today to see the Professor... Well those plans have now been scuppered! Last night I had a fever (it went to about 38.6 at the highest) so had to call the Beatson and come in. I had felt a bit funny all day but thought I would've been ok. We didn't check my temperature until 9.30ish and by the time we came into the Beatson it was about 12. They've checked my bloods and I am currently neutropenic which means that I don't have any white blood cells. Basically, I've got to get antibiotics until my white count is better.

Last night I was really frustrated. Mainly as I was really looking forward to seeing the Professor and hearing what he has to say. I presume it will be pretty similar to Friday but I did have a big list of questions to ask him. Well, my Dad is going to go down anyway with the DVD of the scans and I've written a letter to the prof saying that I'm happy for him to discuss everything about my care. My mum e-mailed him, and he e-mailed right back saying he would phone me and chat about anything I wanted to know. So, I suppose it works out OK in that sense. The other annoying thing is that Mum and I had planned to go to the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A... Gutted I can't go to that! Jamie bought me the book on the exhibition so I have been amusing myself with that.

Today has been rather boring though, my back has been incredibly painful (due to injections I've been getting) so I was given morphine. I think it's starting to fade a bit though cos it's hurting again... Teenie and Ruth are round so we are planning to watch crap TV with magazines (Ruth bought the new Vogue - yaldi).

Going to head now and get some juice, toodles.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Bills Bills Bills

For some reason, the Destiny's Child song Bills Bills Bills has been in my head for the past few days. It's really annoying as that's the only line of the song I know so I am making up the words as I go along... Good one.

So today was the 'big meeting' with the Doctor at Monklands. I was so nervous about it. We were told that she would have all the results from my scans on Monday and Wednesday and we would have an idea if I was responding to the treatment. As the HCG hormone is reducing everyone seemed quite positive that the tumour would decreasing be but I was still pretty scared. Last night me, mum, Ruth and Teenie went to Ikea (for meatballs obvs) to try and get my mind off it. We were blethering about the meeting but I was too scared to be positive about it and I was thinking of the worst possible situation. I suppose everyone does that though in these situations eh? It's like with piano exams, I would always tell myself I'd failed so then I'd be overjoyed when I got merit (not that I got merit everytime, I wish).

Well I managed to get to sleep ok last night but woke up bright and early at 7am and I was just lying there thinking until 8.30am. Dad, Mum and I headed off about 10ish and were hanging about the hospital for a while. The doctor was running quite late (which only added to the nerves) and then called us through. She told us that she had looked at the MRI Scan herself but was unable to get a radiographer for the scan of my liver. She said that the tumour had reduced 'significantly' in the bowel but wasn't sure by how much. I quizzed her on what 'significantly' meant, like was it 1mm or 3cm?! She couldn't really tell us much more as she didn't have all the results. She was quite reluctant to commit herself to saying anything as she's not a radiologist. She called later on to say they now think the liver has changed slightly which hopefully means its dying. However, we don't know this for sure. Basically, things are still pretty up in the air. We're going to London on Monday to see the Professor again and I'm really glad about that. I think he'll be able to give us a lot more information. He's a world expert on these types of tumours so we can ask him a lot of questions.

At the moment the chemo regime is going to remain the same, another POMB then an ACE. After these two they're going to rescan me and then see if they can lob it out. So, it is still playing it all by ear..

So, yes that was my morning! I then went into town to meet Jamie for lunch and we went to Yo! Sushi which was ace. I moaned about a delay with our food and we got 20% off too - yaldi! It was Jamie's first time there, I think he was quite impressed! We then met Mum for some cake at Tinderbox. I am eating like an absolute horse at the moment. Seriously, I don't stop. I think my face is getting huge. Soon I'm going to be this fat, bald, freckly face - oh great. Well it could be worse, I could have fat legs.

It's been quite a mixed day. The morning felt like an anti-climax as I thought we would have more answers but I know I need to be positive and hopefully we will get more answers on Monday.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, meeting some chums for lunch and then my auntie, uncle and cousins are coming over in the afternoon. It will be grand to see them all. Think I'm going to have an early night and watch a rubbish film with Teenie. Nighty night.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Old Photo's

So, at the moment I am currently sitting in Rona's room with Rona, Teenie and Cat Bailey (my chum who has just come back from Peru and is going to Camp tomorrow... WITHOUT ME! I am mega jealous) looking through loads of old photo's. We have known Cat for years and most of these photo's are an absolute embarrassment. I think the best ones are ones of Rona and Cat modelling trying to look 'sexy'. Rona has now gone up to the loft to look for her old diary. It's always best to bring that out when you want a laugh.

I've had a good couple of days. Got out of hospital on Saturday afternoon and managed to go to church on Sunday which was good. Also, we went into town to meet Ruth and co to go to a Vintage Fair at Oran Mor. It was so lovely, I stole some pictures from Ruth... There was a vintage dress section with the most BEAUTIFUL clothes. First up, here's a vintage Couture Dior gown, it was absolutely amazing. We were too scared to touch it!

Next up we have a gorgeous pale blue dress in the style of Carrie in SATC. It had a 22 inch waist!

Lastly we have this fantastic real live Herve Leger dress, if I could afford this I would buy it! It was over £2000 though...

I think since I've had the blood transfusion I've felt so much better. I had to go for an MRI Scan on Monday which was fine, think I'm used to needles now. The last MRI scan I had in London was of my brain and I forgot to take my bra off... I remembered when I started rising towards the ceiling of the machine that you're not supposed to wear it and had to shout the wee man from the room! Pretty embarrassing having to whip off my bra in front of him... Oh well!

Tuesday was a lovely day. Hadn't really been sleeping since I got out of hospital but felt OK on Tuesday morning. We all went into the shops (I bought a lovely Urban Outfitters dress and a skirt from Topshop) and I met up with some friends from work. It was really great to see them and catch up. Also, Rory brought his new baby in and she is gorgeous! She is called Freya and has the most amazing hair. It was so lovely to see her. I then left them and went to meet the siblings and Mum for a great meal at Wagamama's. I LOVE Wagamama - I had chilli squid and then the chilli ramen... YUMMMMMM. I really want more now that I think about it. I look a bit manic here but whatevs!

In the afternoon Granny and co showed up for a wee visit so that was nice! Ruth and Jamie came out in the evening and I ate LOADS. We also went to the fort and I bought the new Chanel perfume... I'm getting expensive taste! I did have a voucher though so that's fine yeah?!

Nothing too exciting happened today, had to go to the hospital for a CT Scan. Before the scan you have to drink a litre of this RANK juice - it tastes like pernod, really rank and liqourice. I don't mind liqourice but after a litre it's not good. They also have to inject this weird stuff into you (like dye to show up on the scan) but it makes you feel like you've wet yourself.. Really weird!

So, we are currently still going through Rona's diaries. One of the best quotes is "he finally fancies me, my mission is complete". Rona's love life was very complicated at 13. Her earlier diary is from when we were on holiday in England somewhere. One of the entries says "Dear Diary, Mairead is bossing me about telling me what to do she will not stop! Let's hope she will stop by tomorrow, bye Diary". Really good entry eh?! I've tried to put pictures from my blackberry onto this but it doesn't seem to be working... Here's one of Cat and Teenie going through some old photo's. My blackberry is crap quality, really want to get a new camera!

Think we're all gonna head to bed now. Have to go and get blood tests in the morning and after that me, Teenie and Cat are planning to go to Tortolano's and getting ice cream. Eh oh! Night night all.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

1000 paper cranes

Well hi there! I'm in quite a good mood today as I have let out of hospital. Hurrah! The chemo regime this time was shorter, only half hour bags and syringes which was good. Feeling pretty knackered but my blood is all fine so that's good! Just staying in tonight, planning on watching a film or some rubbish TV.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to church in the morning and then to this amazing Vintage Fair that is held in Oran Mor. I really hope I feel ok as I am desperate to go!

So, I wanted to post a picture of 1000 paper cranes that were sent to me from my friend Aileen who is currently in Cambodia. She spent a week in Japan and and spent most of her time there making these cranes! Traditionally in Japan, when someone is unwell they make paper cranes to bring the person good health and happiness. So, my mum has stuck them up in our Living Room - they look great!

Thank you very much Aileen! I love them. It was a great surprise.

Also, when Bex popped in yesterday she brought in some Andy Murray masks... The match had just finished and Murray had just lost (boo) but the masks were hilarious! I have some snaps of these too..

Aren't they creepy?! Anyway, as my appetite is currently HUGE I'm off to get an ice lolly! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Friday, 2 July 2010

I heart Fridays

It's odd to say (considering I'm in hospital) but I have had a lovely day! I think the blood transfusions really perked me up - well they did in the sense that I woke up at 6am! My day was filled with visitors which was great! First off Jamie came in followed by my mum and Teenie who then went off for lunch. Then my chum Ally Hunter came so me, him and Jamie watched the most amazing Come Dine With Me. After this, my mum and Teenie returned with my Granny, Auntie Dianne, Auntie Winnie and my cousins Kate and Beth. It was so nice to see them! Granny bought me the most amazing shawl to wear when I'm in hospital (it looks so cosy) and Auntie Winnie got me a pineapple slicer! Pineapple is supposed to be great when your tastebuds are going mental. We were also watching the Wimbledon final - poor Andy Murray. I thought he played really well and was always pipped at the post. I really don't like Nadal, he looks like he needs a wash. So they scooted off and I had my dinner then Ruth, Ally, Gareth, Jamie and Bex all popped in. Bex brought loads of Andy Murray masks which were HILARIOUS! I think once I have the pics on my computer I'll post them on this as they were so funny. In between all this Alastair Macdonald, the minister from Dunblane came in and some family friends, Finlay and Christine. After they left we all watched the Ghana v Uruquay game when Dad, James and Mum came in which was quite good. I really wanted Ghana to get through though!

So yes, I had a lovely lovely day. It's nice to have so many visitors! It really tires me out though so I'm off to bed to watch Jonathan Ross. Good night!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

My hair is still here...

So, I am currently in hospital getting my fourth round of Chemo (this one is called ACE). However, I was taken in early on Wednesday night as I had a fever which turned into an infection (only slight) and I am now on my third blood transfusion. I've been told it should make me feel a bit better though because I'm now anaemic. This post will be brief as it's quite sore to type!

In other news, my hair is still here! It's definitely thinning and the texture has changed but there's still quite a bit of it! When I got back from London about three weeks ago I was told it would be gone pretty soon so I'm pleased it's being persistent. Ginger's must hold on to what they have.

I had a nice day filled with visitors. Mum, Teenie and Rona came in and also Rona's friend Ami who works over in Gartnavel. Then in the afternoon Alice, Martin and Will popped in for a while. It was great to see them and we always have a good blether about absolutely nothing. One of the more serious conversations was about Percy Pigs. Good chat. Also, it is my flatmate Amy's birthday today so Amy and Ruth came in for some cakes and midget gems. We also managed to go through a bag of Popadoms (random yes) and have a good old catch up. It just felt like we were sitting in the flat like normal, catching up on the day. It's really weird how we've not done that in about two months. We used to just sit in with tea (or wine..) watching crap tv, eating biscuits and chatting most evenings. However, they have both now joined a gym so are going to be become very fit I'll bet!

My sister Rona is determined for us all to compete in a 10k run for cancer research in October. It looks great and would be awesome if we could get a big crew together to do it. Also, the more people we get, the more money we raise! Rona just bought running shoes so is quite serious about it. If I am well enough I'd love to do it but I think I'll walk...

Anyway, that's about all for today. This round of chemo isn't as bad as before, the bags are only half an hour and some of the drugs are through a syringe. Hopefully I'll be ready to be out on Saturday - Yay! I will return when I am no longer hooked up! Night night!