Sunday, 25 July 2010

Granny & Gorpa

Why is it when people are nice to me I get upset?! Yesterday when Granny, Grandpa and the cousins were round Granny said she wanted a word with me and gave me a lovely present. She has been so amazingly kind and supportive. So, obviously, because I'm pathetic I started crying. Then Grandpa came to make me cry more. I'm sure that wasn't his intention but that's what happened! I think they are probably the nicest people on the planet. 

After they left, my 82 year old texting bud (Grandpa) sent me a lovely message which again set me off. He said, "You are a wonderfully brave girl and we all admire you as well as love you. Gramps xxx".

This is a rather random post but this is all I wanted to say. 


  1. lean on your family. lean in!! and you are brave mairead. truly. xoxo-carrie

  2. I think the same as your grampa. I loved you and admired you even before all this cancer-crap. xx