Thursday, 22 July 2010


This is the only word I feel really describes how I feel. Well, that or 'bleugh' which is harder to describe. Whenever someone asks me how I feel and I reply saying 'bleugh' I feel it should be enough but it never seems to be. Hmmm.

Apologies for replying to nobody over the past five days. I had a venflon (sp?!) in my right hand most of the time which meant I could do absolutely nothing. I was even struggling to read a magazine so facebook was a no go! Pretty pleased to be home today though. Today would've been the twelfth day in hospital (except that one Wednesday at home) and I was so ready to be home. I just felt so fed up. The nurses are so lovely but I just needed to be home.

I have just re-read what I wrote and it makes zero sense. I am just so knackered, that's my excuse. I will write more when I am more coherent. Goodbye.

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