Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hellooo again! I have been allowed home for the evening as my white count has increased - yay! This also means I should be able to start my chemo tomorrow which is good. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to start on Thursday due to my rubbish blood but everything seems to be going ok.

So, I managed to speak to the professor on on the phone on Monday which was good. He called me after meeting with my Dad and was really positive. He said he was happy with the way my tumour was behaving and the plan is for me to have another 8 weeks of treatment and then be rescanned. After this if the tumour is still reducing we will then talk about surgery. Also, the tumour in my bowel has gone from 5.94cm to 4.67cm which is nearly 20%. He said that I should be very pleased as everything is looking very good. I asked him how my chorio is behaving compared to others but he was quite reluctant to answer as he says my type will probably behave differently as it is so weird. However, he was really helpful and said we can contact him whenever we have any questions at all. Hopefully I'll be able to go and see him after the next round of scans. So I was happy after that conversation!

We phoned for my HCG results from last week and unfortunately it has risen from 58 to 72 (I think it's 72 anyway). The professor said this could happen but if it continues to increase again we may have to rethink the chemo regime. Basically we need the HCG to decrease and eventually reach 0. I think we can phone for Monday's result tomorrow so fingers crossed.

I'm really glad to be home, I was getting so bored in the hospital. I'm now sharing a room which is quite different but nice to have someone to talk to. I think mum, Rona, Teenie and me are going to sit in and watch the film Leap Year.. James told me Empire reviewed this film and gave it one star.. This has not put me off at all! I am still craving a chinese so mum has gone to Sainsbury's and is going to buy lots of chinese food for tonight. Yum! Also, I thought my laptop was screwed but mum took it to Freddie and apparently it was only filled with dust... Oh well at least it works! Laters!

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  1. Mai I'm really pleased that you're home and that's such good news on the white count and the shrinkage!!
    Sounds like the prof is really looking after you which is brilliant.
    I kind of imagine him looking like Colonel Sanders from KFC but I bet he doesn''s just the word professor paints a weird picture... like Dumbledore and that Nutty one Klump.
    I have everything crossed for a lower HCG count result tomorrow.
    Enjoy the Chinese food and Leap Year my little star!
    Love love love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx