Friday, 30 July 2010


I have been given permission to scoot off to Liverpool so me and mum (my hot date) are heading off about 2. I am unsure why I am sitting on the computer when I have not packed anything but there you go. My counts were a bit low but the doc said everything was alreeeet! I'm well excited!

My normal doc is on holiday so had another doc today who I've met a few times before, he's really nice. He was asking what I'd been up to so I listed everything like cinema, lunch, sleeping, sushi etc and he was like "Sushi?!?!?!?" and I'm like "Yeah? What of it? Oh crap... Raw fish.... Right so I'm not supposed to eat sushi yeah? Whoops" and he's like "Duh" (not actual conversation but very similar). He asked how many times I've had sushi... I think it's about 5 so I guess that's not too bad... Hmmmm. Well i know not to have it again. To be honest, the last time I had it (cos my tastebuds are going crazy) it tasted really bland. Oh well, another thing to steer clear of.

My HCG level has been going a bit mental lately. It went up quite high last week and there was talk of moving my surgery forward (to the next few weeks) if it didn't reduce. However, we had a result today from Wishaw on Wednesday and it was 46 (which is the lowest it's been). Yet, as they've been all over the place we don't know if this is yet another 'rogue reading'. Also, this is a different lab and we still don't know what the comparisons are. I've had more taken today and will get more on Monday so it's yet again a case of playing it by ear (isn't everything?!).

Here's a picture of Ruth and I with my hair curly - hairs nice eh?! Surprisingly I still have quite a bit of my own hair. It is definitely balding at the left but it doesn't look that bad. I think it must be a ginger thing.

I really should go and pack - laters gators!

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