Thursday, 1 July 2010

My hair is still here...

So, I am currently in hospital getting my fourth round of Chemo (this one is called ACE). However, I was taken in early on Wednesday night as I had a fever which turned into an infection (only slight) and I am now on my third blood transfusion. I've been told it should make me feel a bit better though because I'm now anaemic. This post will be brief as it's quite sore to type!

In other news, my hair is still here! It's definitely thinning and the texture has changed but there's still quite a bit of it! When I got back from London about three weeks ago I was told it would be gone pretty soon so I'm pleased it's being persistent. Ginger's must hold on to what they have.

I had a nice day filled with visitors. Mum, Teenie and Rona came in and also Rona's friend Ami who works over in Gartnavel. Then in the afternoon Alice, Martin and Will popped in for a while. It was great to see them and we always have a good blether about absolutely nothing. One of the more serious conversations was about Percy Pigs. Good chat. Also, it is my flatmate Amy's birthday today so Amy and Ruth came in for some cakes and midget gems. We also managed to go through a bag of Popadoms (random yes) and have a good old catch up. It just felt like we were sitting in the flat like normal, catching up on the day. It's really weird how we've not done that in about two months. We used to just sit in with tea (or wine..) watching crap tv, eating biscuits and chatting most evenings. However, they have both now joined a gym so are going to be become very fit I'll bet!

My sister Rona is determined for us all to compete in a 10k run for cancer research in October. It looks great and would be awesome if we could get a big crew together to do it. Also, the more people we get, the more money we raise! Rona just bought running shoes so is quite serious about it. If I am well enough I'd love to do it but I think I'll walk...

Anyway, that's about all for today. This round of chemo isn't as bad as before, the bags are only half an hour and some of the drugs are through a syringe. Hopefully I'll be ready to be out on Saturday - Yay! I will return when I am no longer hooked up! Night night!


  1. Mairead - I was so happy to see your post pop up on my dashboard. Raced right over to get the latest. Glad to hear you are hanging in there and surrounded by people who love you!! Keep on keeping on girlfriend.

    And no fear about the hair - 3/4 of mine fell out and I had huge bald patches all over my head, but it all grew back!! I didn't have cancer, but celiac disease that was undiagnosed for years and years to the point where i was at very high risk for stomach and esophageal cancer. Nothing near your ordeal, but I can completely relate to the hair.

    xoxo - Carrie

  2. I loved this evening too, just like old times and times to come, I cannot believe how much I have missed it.

    You will be so impressed with my guns ripping out of my clothes by next month.

    Actually not if I keep coming and eating everything around you.

    Night Mai Tai xxxx

  3. RAISE IT. RUN IT. BEAT IT! I can't wait...hopefully together we can raise a fair bit of money which will make a huge difference!