Friday, 9 July 2010

Bills Bills Bills

For some reason, the Destiny's Child song Bills Bills Bills has been in my head for the past few days. It's really annoying as that's the only line of the song I know so I am making up the words as I go along... Good one.

So today was the 'big meeting' with the Doctor at Monklands. I was so nervous about it. We were told that she would have all the results from my scans on Monday and Wednesday and we would have an idea if I was responding to the treatment. As the HCG hormone is reducing everyone seemed quite positive that the tumour would decreasing be but I was still pretty scared. Last night me, mum, Ruth and Teenie went to Ikea (for meatballs obvs) to try and get my mind off it. We were blethering about the meeting but I was too scared to be positive about it and I was thinking of the worst possible situation. I suppose everyone does that though in these situations eh? It's like with piano exams, I would always tell myself I'd failed so then I'd be overjoyed when I got merit (not that I got merit everytime, I wish).

Well I managed to get to sleep ok last night but woke up bright and early at 7am and I was just lying there thinking until 8.30am. Dad, Mum and I headed off about 10ish and were hanging about the hospital for a while. The doctor was running quite late (which only added to the nerves) and then called us through. She told us that she had looked at the MRI Scan herself but was unable to get a radiographer for the scan of my liver. She said that the tumour had reduced 'significantly' in the bowel but wasn't sure by how much. I quizzed her on what 'significantly' meant, like was it 1mm or 3cm?! She couldn't really tell us much more as she didn't have all the results. She was quite reluctant to commit herself to saying anything as she's not a radiologist. She called later on to say they now think the liver has changed slightly which hopefully means its dying. However, we don't know this for sure. Basically, things are still pretty up in the air. We're going to London on Monday to see the Professor again and I'm really glad about that. I think he'll be able to give us a lot more information. He's a world expert on these types of tumours so we can ask him a lot of questions.

At the moment the chemo regime is going to remain the same, another POMB then an ACE. After these two they're going to rescan me and then see if they can lob it out. So, it is still playing it all by ear..

So, yes that was my morning! I then went into town to meet Jamie for lunch and we went to Yo! Sushi which was ace. I moaned about a delay with our food and we got 20% off too - yaldi! It was Jamie's first time there, I think he was quite impressed! We then met Mum for some cake at Tinderbox. I am eating like an absolute horse at the moment. Seriously, I don't stop. I think my face is getting huge. Soon I'm going to be this fat, bald, freckly face - oh great. Well it could be worse, I could have fat legs.

It's been quite a mixed day. The morning felt like an anti-climax as I thought we would have more answers but I know I need to be positive and hopefully we will get more answers on Monday.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, meeting some chums for lunch and then my auntie, uncle and cousins are coming over in the afternoon. It will be grand to see them all. Think I'm going to have an early night and watch a rubbish film with Teenie. Nighty night.

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  1. you could have cankles- shudder.

    LOVE YA!


    xx night bub