Saturday, 3 July 2010

1000 paper cranes

Well hi there! I'm in quite a good mood today as I have let out of hospital. Hurrah! The chemo regime this time was shorter, only half hour bags and syringes which was good. Feeling pretty knackered but my blood is all fine so that's good! Just staying in tonight, planning on watching a film or some rubbish TV.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to church in the morning and then to this amazing Vintage Fair that is held in Oran Mor. I really hope I feel ok as I am desperate to go!

So, I wanted to post a picture of 1000 paper cranes that were sent to me from my friend Aileen who is currently in Cambodia. She spent a week in Japan and and spent most of her time there making these cranes! Traditionally in Japan, when someone is unwell they make paper cranes to bring the person good health and happiness. So, my mum has stuck them up in our Living Room - they look great!

Thank you very much Aileen! I love them. It was a great surprise.

Also, when Bex popped in yesterday she brought in some Andy Murray masks... The match had just finished and Murray had just lost (boo) but the masks were hilarious! I have some snaps of these too..

Aren't they creepy?! Anyway, as my appetite is currently HUGE I'm off to get an ice lolly! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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