Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hugh Jackman

I have realised that my blog titles seem to be whatever is in my head at that moment in time... Currently it is Hugh Jackman. Not because I'm some weirdo that sits and thinks about him but I'm watching X Men 2 and he is definitely one of the best mutants. Storm is totally the worst, what rubbish powers.

The past couple of days have been a total drag. I feel the same way I did after the POMB but it's exaggerated. Since I got out of hospital I've not really done anything, I just don't have the energy. Apologies for not replying to texts/emails, I've been very lazy and self indulgent.

One good thing is that I am now able to concentrate on reading. James has lent me the Scott Pilgrim books and they are ace. I finished the first five pretty quickly and now I'm on the 6th. However, I am now officially a total loser - I blog and I read comics.

Oh I did do something today - went to see Toy Story 3! I looked like a complete hobo though. One thing I said at the beginning of all this mess was that I didn't want to look like a sick person when I went out. Well, today I didn't look sick, I just looked rough. Toy Story 3 was really good as well, very sad. I may have shed a tear or two at the end...

Tomorrow I've got an appointment at Wishaw then Will and ML are coming over (hopefully to read more extracts from Rona's diary) then Jamie and Ruth are coming out for dinner (I should probably tell them this - well by tell, I mean confirm). I can say now that I won't be great chat but mum will do the talking anyway. On Thursday I plan to sit in all day and protect my white blood cells! I'm getting blood tests taken on Friday morning to see if I'm ok to go to Liverpool for Tasha's wedding so fingers crossed...

Nothing else to report at the moment. Well, we did ask Dad what X Men character he would like to be and he replied "Thor"... Hmmm is that not a Viking god? Good one pops.


  1. I am only coming to talk to your mum anyway so don't worry about the chat. LOLZ. Say hello to Will and ML for me, and save me a diary extract please.


    Night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Do you want me to contact GUGS and get them to make you an honorary member, sealing your geek status?

    Also lolz @ Thor.