Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Old Photo's

So, at the moment I am currently sitting in Rona's room with Rona, Teenie and Cat Bailey (my chum who has just come back from Peru and is going to Camp tomorrow... WITHOUT ME! I am mega jealous) looking through loads of old photo's. We have known Cat for years and most of these photo's are an absolute embarrassment. I think the best ones are ones of Rona and Cat modelling trying to look 'sexy'. Rona has now gone up to the loft to look for her old diary. It's always best to bring that out when you want a laugh.

I've had a good couple of days. Got out of hospital on Saturday afternoon and managed to go to church on Sunday which was good. Also, we went into town to meet Ruth and co to go to a Vintage Fair at Oran Mor. It was so lovely, I stole some pictures from Ruth... There was a vintage dress section with the most BEAUTIFUL clothes. First up, here's a vintage Couture Dior gown, it was absolutely amazing. We were too scared to touch it!

Next up we have a gorgeous pale blue dress in the style of Carrie in SATC. It had a 22 inch waist!

Lastly we have this fantastic real live Herve Leger dress, if I could afford this I would buy it! It was over £2000 though...

I think since I've had the blood transfusion I've felt so much better. I had to go for an MRI Scan on Monday which was fine, think I'm used to needles now. The last MRI scan I had in London was of my brain and I forgot to take my bra off... I remembered when I started rising towards the ceiling of the machine that you're not supposed to wear it and had to shout the wee man from the room! Pretty embarrassing having to whip off my bra in front of him... Oh well!

Tuesday was a lovely day. Hadn't really been sleeping since I got out of hospital but felt OK on Tuesday morning. We all went into the shops (I bought a lovely Urban Outfitters dress and a skirt from Topshop) and I met up with some friends from work. It was really great to see them and catch up. Also, Rory brought his new baby in and she is gorgeous! She is called Freya and has the most amazing hair. It was so lovely to see her. I then left them and went to meet the siblings and Mum for a great meal at Wagamama's. I LOVE Wagamama - I had chilli squid and then the chilli ramen... YUMMMMMM. I really want more now that I think about it. I look a bit manic here but whatevs!

In the afternoon Granny and co showed up for a wee visit so that was nice! Ruth and Jamie came out in the evening and I ate LOADS. We also went to the fort and I bought the new Chanel perfume... I'm getting expensive taste! I did have a voucher though so that's fine yeah?!

Nothing too exciting happened today, had to go to the hospital for a CT Scan. Before the scan you have to drink a litre of this RANK juice - it tastes like pernod, really rank and liqourice. I don't mind liqourice but after a litre it's not good. They also have to inject this weird stuff into you (like dye to show up on the scan) but it makes you feel like you've wet yourself.. Really weird!

So, we are currently still going through Rona's diaries. One of the best quotes is "he finally fancies me, my mission is complete". Rona's love life was very complicated at 13. Her earlier diary is from when we were on holiday in England somewhere. One of the entries says "Dear Diary, Mairead is bossing me about telling me what to do she will not stop! Let's hope she will stop by tomorrow, bye Diary". Really good entry eh?! I've tried to put pictures from my blackberry onto this but it doesn't seem to be working... Here's one of Cat and Teenie going through some old photo's. My blackberry is crap quality, really want to get a new camera!

Think we're all gonna head to bed now. Have to go and get blood tests in the morning and after that me, Teenie and Cat are planning to go to Tortolano's and getting ice cream. Eh oh! Night night all.


  1. gutted I missed it,sounds like a great night,I must the diary, what entries! night y'all xx

  2. I have to say the diary entries are just cracking me up. Mairead you look so great in all these pictures. Ecstatic to hear you're keeping it as normal as possible and taking in the shops!! (who needs doctors when you've got shopping therapy??)

    Keep hanging in there...and givin' em a good boss like the good ol' days!! bahahaha!!

    xoxo-love,carrie :)

  3. mairead, why must you keep mentioning food that is going to ruin my GFI50?! now i have a total craving for chilli ramen!

    love the diary entries. i was too late to Oran Mor to see you on Sunday - did you see wee Norma Gordon's stall?

    speak soon


  4. also, is this ( you? if so, didn't realise how much you were into bellydancing...