Friday, 2 July 2010

I heart Fridays

It's odd to say (considering I'm in hospital) but I have had a lovely day! I think the blood transfusions really perked me up - well they did in the sense that I woke up at 6am! My day was filled with visitors which was great! First off Jamie came in followed by my mum and Teenie who then went off for lunch. Then my chum Ally Hunter came so me, him and Jamie watched the most amazing Come Dine With Me. After this, my mum and Teenie returned with my Granny, Auntie Dianne, Auntie Winnie and my cousins Kate and Beth. It was so nice to see them! Granny bought me the most amazing shawl to wear when I'm in hospital (it looks so cosy) and Auntie Winnie got me a pineapple slicer! Pineapple is supposed to be great when your tastebuds are going mental. We were also watching the Wimbledon final - poor Andy Murray. I thought he played really well and was always pipped at the post. I really don't like Nadal, he looks like he needs a wash. So they scooted off and I had my dinner then Ruth, Ally, Gareth, Jamie and Bex all popped in. Bex brought loads of Andy Murray masks which were HILARIOUS! I think once I have the pics on my computer I'll post them on this as they were so funny. In between all this Alastair Macdonald, the minister from Dunblane came in and some family friends, Finlay and Christine. After they left we all watched the Ghana v Uruquay game when Dad, James and Mum came in which was quite good. I really wanted Ghana to get through though!

So yes, I had a lovely lovely day. It's nice to have so many visitors! It really tires me out though so I'm off to bed to watch Jonathan Ross. Good night!

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