Sunday, 11 July 2010

London calling... But not for me

So, I was supposed to be going to London today to see the Professor... Well those plans have now been scuppered! Last night I had a fever (it went to about 38.6 at the highest) so had to call the Beatson and come in. I had felt a bit funny all day but thought I would've been ok. We didn't check my temperature until 9.30ish and by the time we came into the Beatson it was about 12. They've checked my bloods and I am currently neutropenic which means that I don't have any white blood cells. Basically, I've got to get antibiotics until my white count is better.

Last night I was really frustrated. Mainly as I was really looking forward to seeing the Professor and hearing what he has to say. I presume it will be pretty similar to Friday but I did have a big list of questions to ask him. Well, my Dad is going to go down anyway with the DVD of the scans and I've written a letter to the prof saying that I'm happy for him to discuss everything about my care. My mum e-mailed him, and he e-mailed right back saying he would phone me and chat about anything I wanted to know. So, I suppose it works out OK in that sense. The other annoying thing is that Mum and I had planned to go to the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A... Gutted I can't go to that! Jamie bought me the book on the exhibition so I have been amusing myself with that.

Today has been rather boring though, my back has been incredibly painful (due to injections I've been getting) so I was given morphine. I think it's starting to fade a bit though cos it's hurting again... Teenie and Ruth are round so we are planning to watch crap TV with magazines (Ruth bought the new Vogue - yaldi).

Going to head now and get some juice, toodles.

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