Saturday, 24 July 2010

Achy Breaky Bones

Ahhh the classic Achy Breaky Heart has been in my head for the past few days as I am getting weird pains in my bones. I was told this would be a further side effect of this chemo. It's weird as I'm struggling to walk down the stairs without my legs giving way. It only seems to be my legs at the moment but we'll wait and see... At least I have Billy Ray Cyrus to help me through this! Another side effect seems to be that I am completely shattered. I have literally done nothing the past few days and everything is such an effort. I know I have to take it easy for the next wee while. A further frequent side effect has been weird black spots and sparkly things I see in my eyes. The only way I can describe it is like looking into a kaleidoscope (remember them!?) and seeing lots of white sparkles. It is very odd and seems to come on whenever it chooses. Which I'm so happy about. I've been wearing my glasses quite alot and I have no idea if that helps or not. We shall wait and see...

As I've not written in a while I feel this could be a very long post so I'll apologise now. I would advise you to stop reading if you're bored already, it's not going to get better.

Last week (before going in the Beatson), Teenie, Alice and myself went to get me a picture for my Disabled Badge (this is mainly so mum can get a good parking space at Sainsbury's). First off, it is now a FIVER to get passport pictures done! Eh since when?! Remember when you would go on a Saturday afternoon with an ice pole and sit and take pictures for ages? I would never have the pocket money to do that these days. So, I sit in for my picture and it eventually takes a photo while I have a mouthful of cookie in my mouth. Oh great I think, at least I can take another. But no, we have picked a dodgy machine which only lets you take one picture then prints off 6. So, in my disabled badge picture I do fit the bill. As in, I look pretty manic with crumbs at the side of my mouth. Mega Cringe. At least people won't doubt I'm disabled.

While I was in hospital last week I got a lovely phonecall and package from my good chum Stef who is currently in Vietnam. It was so great to hear from her. As we've been in contact loads it doesn't actually feel like she's so far away. When I'm all better she wants Ruth and I to come visit - ehhhh yeah! That would be amazo. For some reason after talking to Stef I looked at some old photo's and found two of my favourite ones from their grad ball (fabulous night). I love these photo's.

Oh yeah, who wants to see a picture of Ruth blonde?! Well here is your chance. When my room mate Cheryl was away the other day we had a play with her wig... I did NOT suit it at all, blonde is not my look. Thoughts on whether Ruth suits it?!

I have a photo of mum too but her eyes are closed (obviously - they seem to remain shut when a camera is near) so I won't embarrass her. I'll just embarrass Ruth.

One of the plus points of being in hospital was having lovely visitors and being brought lots of lovely food! I think the busiest food day was Tuesday... Pamzo brought me jelly and chocolate, Barbara and Amily brought LOADS of Millies Cookies, Alice brought the most amazing tub of tablet sent from the fabulous Sandra Munro and William made Malteser Cake. Unfortunately, I had completely lost my appetite and wasn't really able to consume any of these Tuesday treats but my Dad had a whale of a time when he came that evening! Everyone has been so kind (or just trying to make me fat). My appetite is still a bit MIA. When food is in front of me I'll eat it but I don't really crave anything. I have this horrid taste in my mouth though and sometimes eating something gets rid of it (if only temporarily). Yesterday I ate a lot of pickled onions and quite a few twiglets... It doesn't sound like the most appealing combination but ya know, it worked.

Since coming home I have made a dreadful discovery... Rona, Teenie and James have completely attacked my sweetie jar! I had filled up a jar with sweets for when my tastebuds go mental and look what I come home to... How rude! I bet Rona ate all the liqourice, James the fizzy ones and Teenie ANYTHING. Teenie has assured me she will refill it. Yeah right.

A new current obsession is Celebrity Masterchef. I love it. On Thursday evening Mum, Dad, James and me watched two episodes and it was bliss. I love how crap some of them are. One of the annoyances was my Dad going on and on about how much Jenny Powell looks like Michael Jackson. After he said it about ten times I did start to see the resemblance.

I know I've been moaning about how annoying and long this chemo is going to be and that I'm frustrated that it's all change but it does mean that I should hopefully be able to make my friend Tasha'ss wedding next week! I am so excited. I've got to go to the clinic on Friday to check my white count and (fingers crossed) if everything is ok mum and me are going to go down that evening for the wedding on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to it but I'm scared to get too excited about it in case I can't go! It does mean I need to think about what to wear.. I have no idea! It'll be great to see everyone so I really hope it falls into place.

I've not done anything today yet (at 14:18, waster) but my Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Ivor, Auntie Rosemary and cousins Esther, Jonny and Euan popped in on their way back from Keswick. Ach they're all so great. I just wish we could see them more often (G&G live in Inverness and the cousins live in Skye). We used to have such amazing family holidays and it's harder to get everyone together now we're so old! They've all been amazing though, I am now regularly texting my Grandpa too! The kids had a wee game of Beatles Rock Band which I took a snap of.. I didn't participate, I just played the bongo to put Teenie off.

Well I think that's enough for the moment, I shall return soon!


  1. LOLZ I look like an albino! I will send you the ones I have of your mum and rona, you suited it the most for KNEW Teenie would steal the whole jar, textbook.

    Thanks for putting billy ray in my head. dream,


  2. I now can't stop singing that song either!!
    Ruth looks a treat as a blonde- very svedish, ja??
    Hope you got those sweeties refilled...I'll send you some tamarind chews from over here. Not quite a taste sensation but if you're enjoying the pickled onion and twiglet combos then they might just be for you.
    big kisses pretty lady