Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blame it on the Weatherman

Now, I am not blaming Sean Batty for this current weather situation - this blog title is actually in reference to THE BEST, 90's, fourpiece, denim wearing girlband, B*Witched! I've been humming the song in my head all day. The weather in Scotland is pretty crazy at the moment so our flight to London tonight has been cancelled. I was due there tomorrow morning for an MRI, x ray, meeting with the fertility dude and the prof. It's rather annoying having to miss it as they're all very important appointments. Guess there's not much we can do about it. Stupid weather ruining everything! The storm is making me want to watch the Wizard of Oz, particularly this scene..

I've been feeling pretty rubbish this week, just tired and run down I think. Slightly relieved we don't have to go.. I've not been doing all that much. However, here is a snap of Ruth and I at an event last week to show you my hair..

As you can see, it is coming in incredibly curly.. I've been getting quite a lot of lovely compliments about it which is nice! One girl even approached me last Friday to talk to me about my hair - very sweet. Typically though, I hate it. Always want what you don't have eh?

Anywho, will leave you with a snap of B*Witched - what babes.

I'll be back soon - with Christmas chat no doubt.