Monday, 2 August 2010

What did the giraffe say to the elephant?

This is the question to a joke my cousin Rory told at dinner... The answer is 'We are long'. He is at the stage where he tells jokes that are awful but his delivery is hilarious. My cousins from Ellon were down today and we had a really nice time. We went to the West End for lunch and then they all came out to Uddy. We just sat about blethering and then watched Takeshi's Castle - har har!

I had a really good weekend, the wedding was amazing. Tasha looked beautiful, absolutely stunning. The wedding was in a town called Little Crosby and the venue was a barn which was so cool! This is it here...

This was where the wedding was, then it changed for the meal and reception. I took my mum as my 'date', don't really think Jamie minded! Mum kept on checking my temperature, total para in case I got a temperature when we were away. Everything was fine though! On Saturday I felt fine all day. We arrived quite early and then left about 7ish before the evening guests arrived. It was such a good day, Tasha and Butch looked so happy. Also, the weather stayed nice for whenever we were outside, it was perfect. Oh it was just lovely, a great day. Here's some more snaps...

Mum and myself before heading off..

This is me, Tasha and Jemma (my old flatmates) - we used to call ourselves 'The Sunsilk Girls'... Now we really look like them because my hair is so bright! Also, how beautiful is Tasha's dress?! I don't think I've got a good one of her dress full length but it was lovely. It looked amazing on her. Also, Tasha and me are going to be two of Jemma's bridesmaids next summer. Jemma bought her wedding dress a few weeks ago - I am so excited to see it!

This is all the folk from uni that were at the wedding - I am the only one there without a boyf so I looked like a bit of a loser. Oh well, I dealt with it.

This is a snap of mum and me just before we left. I was so para about the wig falling, it was ok apart from one slip which mum noticed - thanks maw! Tasha also gave me some scarves which are lovely, it was so kind of her. Well, it was a lovely day and it was great to see everyone. I'm so glad I can go. Jemma has arranged a weekend for the girls to come to Glasgow at the end of August so I'll see them soon - yay!

Yesterday we didn't do much, my cousin Grace was down for the weekend which was nice. I went to church in the morning and was told twice that my cheeks have gotten chubby... Oh thanks. One lady told me it's the medication I'm taking but will have to work hard when I'm better to get rid of them. Great! So, basically I'll have chubby cheeks til I can be arsed to work out and get them away. What exercises do you do to get rid of chubby cheeks?! Any suggestions let me know...


  1. Sounds like you pretty women had a great time! The photos are lovely, you look gorgeous my dear Sunsilk girl! xxxx

  2. The only excercise for chubby cheeks is plenty of race laces, I think. :)

    You look lovely, glad it all worked out and you got to go!! xxx