Friday, 20 August 2010

I miss Britney Spears

Now, people might think this is a joke but I really do! I love Britney Spears. You know people say they remember where they were at big points throughout history like, The Fall of the Berlin Wall (well, I don't, I was 3) or John Lennon being shot (hmmm I wasn't born, ok bad examples), well I remember where I was the day Britney Spears shaved her head. It was huge news. I was standing in the QM Board flat with Ruth and Jashley told me. She still looked amazing with her bald head though! Actually, I didn't think about this til now.. If I do go bald maybe I should just channel Britney?! Not crazy bald Britney but the earlier one - I'm not gonna start wearing belly tops and holding snakes mind. Here's a picture of her to jog your memories...

I have Britney on the mind as last night Teenie and myself watched Crossroads - the film Britney made about 10 years ago. Now, I know I will be royally slagged for this film choice but honestly we had no other option! My DVD player isn't working so Teenie brought through a selection of video's that she found. This selection included Ewoks (the cartoon version, about 20 years old), Rat Race (that awful film with the Mr Bean guy) and A Simple Wish (some film with the girl who was in Matilda). So obviously it had to be Crossroads! So yes, that is, in brief, my love for Britney.

I've had a really busy couple of days, just going to and fro from the Beatson. I was back in at the Aepherisis Unit (Stem Cell guys) on Wednesday and Thursday but I still don't have any. We had to come back in yesterday for clinic so came in a bit early to speak to one of the Aepherisis docs. He said that as I've had no stem cells, it's possible they might not get any after this round of chemo. However, he's doubled my GCSF injections for over the weekend (they stimulate the stem cells) so hopefully there should be some there on Monday. He didn't sound too hopeful about this but he did say it's not the last resort. They're only doing this as a precaution so I don't desperately need it done but they would be good to have as a back up. As of this, my scans are being cancelled and re-scheduled for after my next round of chemo.

We also went to clinic to see my doc and were told that my HCG from yesterday was 5! It's amazing how effective the TIP chemo has been. My doc said that under 5 is normal so at the next reading we'll be looking for that! She wants me to have at least another two rounds of TIP but maybe have my surgery between the two. That will be dependent on the scans after the next round. So, everything is still a bit uncertain but it's great we have the HCG to monitor so we know that the tumour is reducing. I'm still worried that the HCG isn't directly related to the tumour as it has behaved in very odd ways but I know I must remain positive about it!

An amazing thing happened last night... I had my first Chinese meal since May! Oh my, it was amazing. As I am not allowed carry outs, me and the family went to a Chinese in Hamilton and it was great. This is Teenie after Rona told her that you pour chilli sauce on the Dim Sum before eating it...

Teenie can't cope with sour sweets, let alone anything spicy so this was definitely the highlight of my night.

Ok, my internet is going funny so I am going to go.. Laters!

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  1. I am heavy hankering after a chinese now. This place sounds amazing. I too miss Britney and I am sad I missed a crossroads viewing. TREAT!

    I'm not a girl....not yet a woman....