Sunday, 8 August 2010

My weird crush on John Torode

Isn't he just dreamy?! Ruth and I have decided that he is our now weird crush. I feel bad calling him a 'weird crush' though. I think it's his cardigans. As I'm at the Beatson I can't copy a picture onto this (bummer) but google him. He's the dark haired guy on Masterchef. Maybe it's just because I love Masterchef that I love him? Hmmm.

Anywho, yes I am back in the Beatson for a five day stint. This was the first time I didn't have to come in early for a fever - hurrah! So far I have been absolutely knackered though. On friday night I go no sleep at all due to the chemo/fluid bags being changed every half hour/hour. I fell asleep at 7am and woke up at 10am.. Not good for my mood. The family then came in and I was being a grumpy cow to everyone - that's my prerogative though yeah?! Clare came in yesterday, bless her, when I had just woken up and I was no chat at all - sorry Clarabell! To repay her I have promised to take her for Tortolano's ice cream. Everyones favourite treat!

Later on in the afternoon (after a cup of coffee) I perked up and the crew came along for Mr Ally Meek's 26th birthday! Who'd have thought he was 26 eh?! We had a multitude of snacks and a birthday cake (but we weren't allowed to light candles) and it was very nice. Teenie made Ally an Olly Murs T-shirt which looked pretty fly. I hope he wore it and the Spiderman badge to dinner...

Oh I forgot to say I got my hickman line put in - it was not good. I felt ok before it but my roommate's Cheryl's didn't go as well so I was a bit more nervous after talking to her. The ladies who did it were so nice and tried so hard to put me at ease but I was so psyched out about it. They gave me loads of local anaesthetic, which made my neck feel huge, and even though I couldn't feel the incisions the bit where they applied all the pressure was horrid. I'm glad it's over but it still hurts a bit, particularly at my neck. The definite pro to having it put in is that I won't need to be jagged anymore (yay!) but one of the cons is that I currently have three tubes coming out from my chest that keep on getting caught on things like my leg, the toilet seat, chairs, and it really hurts when I don't notice! In short, I am a tube for not looking at them.

The past few HCG results have also been good. My doc came to see me on Friday and says she wants to re-scan me after this round of chemo to see what the change is. I'm pretty pleased about this - hopefully it will give us a clearer picture of how much it has reduced. She also said we may bring the surgery forward as she thinks the HCG might plateaux (sp?!) again. To be fair, saying this is all redundant as everything could be all change (as it seems to be) later on in the week.

I presume this week will be another write off. After the first round of TIP I was so tired and didn't want to do anything so apologies if I am uncontactable (is that even a word?!) for the next week.

I am now able to read so I'm working my way through a couple of books. One that mum bought me is 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. It's really short so I've been reading it in little snippets. It is so similar to the film and I can't imagine anyone else playing Holly Golightly other than Audrey Hepburn. She is such a frustrating chatacter and I get annoyed with myself for sympathising with her at times. I think I've got about 10 pages to go so will finish that at some point today.

I got a much better sleep last night so feeling a bit more awake today. Teenie and James are coming in after church and think we're going to watch a film. Also, I think I'm the only 'teen' currently in the TCT ward so I have the whole place to myself! Pretty swanky. This has now gotten rather long, goodbye!


  1. TORTALANOS! the dream. That ans our John Torode together- hmmmmmmx

  2. I can semi see where you're both coming from on this whole masterychef thing...I suppose he does have a funny Aussie shouty appeal to him!

    Ace news on the HCG levels- sending all my positive thoughts that it will continue that way.
    Hope you get to enjoy all that TCT ward swank!

  3. John Torode! Ladies come now. He is nothing compared to the hottie with the moustache.....imagine running your fingers through it. Hmmm.


  4. Thinking of you and checking in to see what's what.