Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Yes. I have toothache. Which I am not happy about. Mum called the dentist yesterday morning to see if we could make an appointment (case of the para's) and it turns out I've not been since 2004... Whoops. The dentist ALWAYS gives us into trouble so I have clearly been avoiding him. Apparently it's just my wisdom teeth growing in but it's really sore! Hopefully it will go away soon.. I'm currently using baby teething gel on it (amongst other things), I have a very low pain threshold when it comes to my teeth. I also had hardly any sleep last night due to it. Very irritating.

Yesterday was the first day I left the house since I got out of hospital - hurrah! I was supposed to be going to the Look Good, Feel Better class at the Maggie's (I heard you get a free bag of make up) but it was cancelled so me, Mum and Teenie just went to the fort to have a wander round the shops. I didn't realise how high up my chest this Hickman Line is and now whatever I wear, Mr Hick is on show. I've knicked all Rona and Teenie's high necked tops (of which there aren't many) and looked for ones of my own (pretty much none). Who would've thought this would be such an issue?! So, I bought a couple of plain tops - yawn. Also, we went to Nando's... What is all the fuss about?! Everyone goes on about it but to be honest, I thought it was decidedly average. Or, as some might say, no great shakes.

Today I was supposed to be starting my stem cell treatment but due to my White Count being so low (0.69)  they've asked me to come back tomorrow. Basically, you show up at 9am, they take your blood, you come back at 11am and then they tell you if you can get it or not. The nurse said if I take my GCSF injection earlier in the morning (to stimulate my bone marrow cells) then we may be able to start tomorrow. I hope so, just so I can get it over and done with. It's going to be pretty boring - hooked up to a machine for about 4 hours while it collects cells.. YAWN.

Have I mentioned that myself and a group of friends are running the 10k in October? Well, we are. I'm hoping to do it even though I have no idea where I'll be in my treatment. In an ideal world I'd be finished but who knows! We've started up a just giving page to raise the money and have already doubled the target! Amazing! You've probably already seen it from various facebook status' but here it is again... http://www.justgiving.com/team-mairead. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, everyone has been so generous. 

This is not related to anything at all, but for the past couple of years Ruth, Louise and myself have been huge fans of the World Pipe Band Championship (it's not sad, honest). This years was held on Saturday and unfortunately we missed it - it is now a tradition for us so we were GUTTED. I had a look at the pictures the other day and it mad me really sad we're missing it. It is an absolute lol and here are two of my favourite pics from last year..

Well, that's all for now. Goodbyeeeee.


  1. Hope those pearly whites of yours have sorted themselves out! I don't like that having wisdom teeth doesn't make me feel wiser....
    Have my fingers crossed that you get to start your treatment today my little pipe bander xxxxxx

  2. this is so sad, I was looking at my pics the other day too :( can we go next year? In fact, lets hold our own in your garden at some point!

    no great shakes.


    also you didnt mention nandos tonight. I need a full report, you know I am dying to try,