Friday, 13 August 2010

Oh Mel..

Mel Gibson, what an idiot. James and myself are currently watching a crappy programme on the E channel and Mel Gibson and his recent issues keep on appearing. Apparently, he was planning on making a Viking film with Leo D which has now (obvs) been cancelled. Think James is a bit gutted about this. I love Vikings so I will encourage another director to make this - maybe James should?! Dad can be the historical expert, Teenie can be the choreographer (for all the dance scenes ya know) and I will be the costume designer. Maybe we could turn it into Vikings! The Musical! Ok, I'm getting carried away now, probably not a good idea.

Still not feeling great today, I was sick again last night which wasn't nice. I'm scared this is now going to become a pattern and happen every day. I really hope not. The main side effects I've had the past few days are the nausea, tiredness, taste-buds going crazy, eyes going weird and not being able to concentrate on anything. These seem to stick around for most of the time after the chemo, I can't wait til I have energy again and I am able to do more than one thing a day!

Today my piano teacher came round for cakes and a blether. It was great to see her and we had a chat about me taking up the piano again, it would probably just be a few pieces that I have heard recently that I would enjoy playing. I'm quite looking forward to picking them and I think it will be good to have something to work towards. I feel so useless at the moment, so it will be a nice feeling to achieve something. Nothing too difficult though so a piece with hardly any modulations and no crazy key signatures! Any suggestions, let me know. Think I'll start with Clair De Lune, I can already play it a bit but I think I'm a bit off with the timing. Mrs Simpson will keep me right though.

Yesterday James taught me some tunes on his ukulele. I was rubbish! I've got such a bad memory and can never remember the chords, I need them right in front of me. How annoying.

Also, James was on facebook and one of his old profile pictures is this beauty... Someone suggested he looks like an owl which I kind of agree with. However, now that my face has become very fat and square I think I look rather similar to James' younger self... Seriously though, my face is now the shape of a cube.

So, maybe this is a face shape that runs in the family?! If my cheeks get any chubbier they will start to droop and I will end up looking like this..

I can't remember what this dog is called but it could be my next Hallowe'en costume. What with the random tuft of ginger hair, the grumpy face AND the droopy cheeks I won't really have much to do. I'll make the sign and wear all white. Done. Sorry Ruth, that's our year of going as Misteeq postponed again. I promise I'll make it up to you.

As I currently have no appetite and my tastebuds are being crap, I'm not sure what I'll do tonight. Probably eat the sour sweets James brought me and then be sick... Great Friday evening... Oh well, I'm sure it will get better.


  1. Mairead,

    Mel Gibson has now proven to the world that he is out of his damn mind and needs pills. They should chemo his brain to get rid of whatever ails it b/c that guy has MAYJAH issues!!

    I live in Southern California so I have to hear about his latest tirades and nonsense on the EVENING NEWS (if you can just imagine?? - like there's nothing else going on in the bloody world!!!)


    I hope your tastebuds get back into line so you can at least enjoy some food while you battle on. Fight the good fight girlfriend!!


  2. He is definitely mental - I'm sick of hearing about it and it's hardly on over here!

    Tastebuds are still a bit crazy but will hopefully get better in the next few days. I was looking at some of your recipes - they look yummy. I might try some when the tastebuds improve! xxx

  3. I'm so sad about Mel. I was raised on the Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy (I'm fairly certain that this isn't a word....) and it breaks my little heart to think that he and Danny Glover ain't that tight in real life...

    I LOVE that photo of the four of you- you're all adorable! I bet your cheeks still look adorable. Pinchable cheeks are no bad thing.

    Jump back on that piano maestro- post some tunes!!

  4. Hey Mairead, been reading your blog, best wishes from the east corner of Fife!

    The dog with "the droopy cheeks" is indeed called Droopy, heh.

    Love Gill

  5. you crack me up that is all,