Friday, 27 August 2010

Guess who's back..

Well... I am back in the Beatson and obviously (as per), things have not gone to plan. They found out, after taking my blood at the Aepherisis on Monday, that I have an infection in my blood. It's nothing serious but has to be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics they prescribed has to be given at 12 hour intervals, the bag lasts for two hours and will take three days (which will delay my chemo starting and also mean I can't get the scans done on Thursday). They didn't start the antibiotics until about 7ish and halfway through I started to get really red and scratchy... Oh yes, an allergic reaction. So we stopped the bag, called the doc and I took a piriton. Things seemed to calm down but I now have to wait until tomorrow to find out what antibiotics they'll try next. It also means I can't go home as I'd hoped or be treated as an outpatient over the weekend. I'm hoping they'll let me out tomorrow (as my old flatmates are up visiting, looking for bridesmaid dresses for Jemma's wedding next summer). Fingers crossed...

I've been feeling incredibly fed up and annoyed at being back in but I know it has to be done. I'm just not good with change! I am getting very frustrated that nothing is going to plan but I just have to deal with it I guess. I'm planning to have an early night and hopefully get a good sleep. Night night!

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  1. Hi I am just passing by. I was looking for the name of the dog you posted on this page. I dont remember the name of the dog either. But I came across some of the things you've written here. I hope your cancer treatment went well and that you feel better. Good luck.