Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So, I am still in the Beatson. I was allowed out during the day on Saturday and Sunday which was good. On Saturday I met up with Jemma, Tasha and co to discuss wedding details for Jemma's big day next summer. They tried on bridesmaid dresses throughout the day and I have a request to try on a dress.. Let's hope it fits! Tasha also brought me a bag FILLED with sour sweets, which have so far been great. My tastebuds have gone a bit wonky again so they are helping! On Sunday, Alice came over for lunch and a blether so that was nice too.

Since then I've not done anything at all. I was so tired yesterday as I had hardly any sleep on Monday night. I'm on the chemo again that is constant hourly bags (mainly) and when they run through the night I can't get to sleep. I've timed it that I should be getting out on Friday night.. We'll see! I'm really looking forward to get home so the earlier the better. Right I best be off, Guten Tag!


  1. Hang in there M, you're doing great! I've been reading your blog and I'm so impressed with your attitude to it all. You're a star! Thinking of you lots. Hope fully see you soon. Kirsteen x

  2. Hi Mairead,

    Its Steven Whitelaw from CCU at work and i only just heard about your illness the other day. I know we havent really spoken before as im permanently chained to my work desk but i just wanted to say after reading your great blogs, you really are such a brave lass....!!

    My son Jack who is now 8 was diagnosed on his 6th birthday with brain cancer (medullablastoma). He has beaten this so far and i have every faith you will beat yours as well..

    Its really great to hear that you have all your friends and family supporting you just like my sons twin sister Amy is doing for him..

    Stay strong and wishing you the best...


  3. Hi lady-

    Lovely to hear that you've been having some dress fun with Jemma and Tasha. Can't wait to hear all about the dresses!
    Get that Skype on if you're still waking up at night...this is the bonus of time difference, I'm always awake when you're supposed to be asleep!!