Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bruise like a peach

The past few days have been filled with trips to the Beatson and constant needles (ie a lot of bruises). I am feeling like a bit of a pin cushion, today was a record - four needles in three hours. My veins are totally rubbish and the first couple of attempts were not successful. I went to desperate measures to take my mind off the needles - I asked Teenie to tell me stories. I think it was the first time her mind went blank and she couldn't think of anything to say. We then played card games for (what felt like) hours and I managed to make the one successful venflon go squinty. It seemed to work OK though! Today was my last antibiotics which I am very pleased about. The nurses in the day ward were all really nice though. I'm again feeling totally knackered and my eyes went kinda funny too - the same kaleidoscope feeling. It seems to have passed now - phew.

There was another muck up with my blood on Friday night, not entirely sure what happened but it meant we had to go back into the Beatson on Saturday night. Luckily this did not interfere with my Avatar Imax plans! I quite enjoyed it but could not shake off the comparisons with Pocohontas. Also, Ruth fancies a Navi (is that what they're called?). 

I went for my first piano lesson in years last week. It was great to be back and I felt really comfortable in Mrs Simpson's house - took me back to when I was at school. My fingers are still tingly but I'm used to it now. It's just like constant pins and needles. It also doesn't seem to be affecting my piano playing skills - I think I'm just rusty and that's why I'm now rubbish. Mum bought me the piano music from the film Up! so I intend on taking that to my next lesson. 

Granny took us (Mum, Rona, Teenie and I) out for dinner tonight which was nice. We had a glance around the shops after and I got myself a new head scarf. I do have some hair but it is very thin so I think I'd feel a bit daft if I didn't wear one. Also, I didn't realise how cold your head would be with no hair! How do bald/skinhead folk cope?! Furthermore, now that I have short hair I seem to get shampoo in my eyes every time I'm in the shower. I'm unsure if this is due to my inability to wash my hair or if it's because my hair is so short. I'm looking forward to my hair growing back. I quite liked it short but I think I'm over it now. My eyelashes are still about but they have definitely thinned (I am very protective over my eyelashes). My Auntie Winnie bought me this amazing eyelash strengthening stuff that I've been using. It takes a few weeks to kick in so I'll keep you all posted.. I am now very into coloured eye-liner to try and hide the fact my eyelashes aren't great. I didn't realise how many I owned until now. OK, eyelash chat over. 

My brother James was home at the weekend from Edinburgh and it was great to have him in the house again. We went out for dinner on Friday night to celebrate my good news and that he was home. Here are some snaps..

Oh, this is Teenie and I before we left. This sums up our relationship

Dad has mentioned recently (well, moaned) that he is not in any of the pictures on my wall. Firstly, this is a lie as I have a picture of him and Mum holding hands with Rona pretending to throw up behind them. Secondly, when pictures are taken of him, they turn out like this... No offence Dad, but you should really go to the 'Teenie School of Posing' for a few lessons.

Also, it is near impossible to get a picture of Mum opening her eyes. 

Here's a photo of the four of us on Sunday before lunch. Lunch was gooood on Sunday. James was definitely enjoying being back to eating proper meals.

To end this rambling post, I am going to show you all a picture of my delightful sisters after a shaving foam fight. As you do.

I've been watching Gossip Girl so will end this post with, 'you know I love you xoxo'



    love it,


  2. I pose very well- I think. After all who taught Christina?


  3. Dad, I wasn't taught, it's natural!
    Also Mai... thanks for using the asbolutely worst pictures of me ever! You are so nice!