Thursday, 9 September 2010

All I want is Goats Cheese and a bath

Why is it when you're told you're not allowed something, that's all you want?! I'm not allowed to have a bath because of the Hickman Line and there is a wide variety of cheese I've to steer clear from as they are unpasteurised. I have cheese on my mind as I went out for dinner with Clare last night (to a yummy Italian) and every good thing on the menu had cheese on it I wasn't allowed, boo. What I had was nice but it wasn't goats cheese ya know. When I'm better I think I want to have a cheese party.

So I still have that weird tingly feeling in my fingers, I really hope it goes away soon as it is rather annoying. The nauseous feeling is still here too and I am still very tired. I feel like I'm being so self indulgent with all these symptoms but whenever I try to shake myself to do something I just can't muster the energy to do it. I cannot wait to have energy again. It feels like a long way away though. 

My Grandpa seems to be doing a lot better and I am still getting regular 'Lol Gpa' texts. I really hope I can go up and visit soon. Granny Fearn is coming down this weekend to stay for a while so I am putting in my order for coconut tarts and chicken soup now. The house feels very quiet this week (Dad away with work, Teenie in Belfast, James in Edinburgh and Rona at work during the day) so it will be nice to have someone else here. I'm not used to James being away at all, it sounds like he's having fun though. I wish I could go back to being a Fresher! 

I have clinic this afternoon so need to start getting ready soon and then going round to Ruth & Co's for dinner. Good day y'all!

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  1. cocunut tarts- tell her to double her stock please :)