Monday, 27 September 2010

Looking for fun and feeling groooovy

This song (Simon and Garfunkel's 59th Street Bridge Song) really makes me think about years gone by. There was a time when it was all Teenie played on the piano and we also found Dad's Simon and Garfunkel CD so listened to it constantly (well that and our PJ and Duncan, Psyche CD). After dinner the other night, Dad, Teenie and James burst into song randomly and it has been stuck in my head ever since. I still seem to know all the words. If only it was something a bit 'cooler' eh?!

So, I finished the antibiotics last Wednesday and left the hospital saying, 'this might be my last time in the Beatson'. I should know by now not to say things like that. I don't believe in 'jinxes' but I do seem to 'jinx' myself whenever I say that. On Thursday I went to Wishaw to get my blood taken and it was decided that as my blood count was so low, I should get a blood transfusion. Mum and I then had to drive to the Beatson to get a cross match and I was told to come back for 9am the next morning. Teenie took me in on Friday and we were there from 8.30am til 7pm.. It felt like a marathon. Three bags of blood, 4 episodes of the Gilmore Girls and (what felt like) thousands of card games. Randomly, my nail polish matched the blood. I am a creep so I took a picture.

After the hospital we went round to Ruth, Jamie, Ally and Amy's and had an 'Italian Feast' for dinner. We had a lovely time mucking about, taking photo's and generally being daft. On Saturday Will, Alice and Sarah came over for the X Factor. All I have to say is... Bang. I went to church on Sunday morning and it was lovely seeing everyone. Rowan and Janice always give us amazing cakes from Christie's the bakers in Coatbridge, they are very kind.

Today Mum, Granny, Teenie and myself went for a wander around Chatelherault. It was nice to be out but I did get tired very quickly. I just think I'm not used to walking far - I clearly need to build up my strength.

Today I also bought a nail polish I've been eyeing up for a while (yes it was Chanel Paradoxal) and I am very pleased. I do sound like a loser saying that but I don't care. Jamie came round for dinner and Granny made a lovely strawberry cake. Yum.

I don't have much else to report really. As my blood was rubbish last week, the scope has been changed to next Monday and I have my PET scan on Thursday. After the scope on Monday we should find out when the operation will be. I still get quite nervous when I think about it but I am looking forward to going down to London and quizzing the surgeons. I'm getting quite agitated now as I just want it over with. Hopefully that will be soon! Anywho, I best be off to bed. Goodnight one and all.


  1. That strawberry cake looks amazing!
    And you have great taste on the S&G singalong... Perhaps second only to Paul Simon's You Can Call me Al!

    Keep that gorgeous chin up my wee gem-sounds like you're almost there!

  2. Hang in there M - thinking of you!! - Carrie:)