Saturday, 2 October 2010

Running around like demented ferrets

This is how Miss Goldberg described how manic the past week has been for us all! In short, it's been mental as plans have continually been chopped and changed. I had my PET scan on Thursday which seemed to go alright. They inject you with this radioactive dye and you're stuck in a room for an hour. They then take you through for the scan which is pretty similar to an MRI but not nearly as noisy! The past few days we've been in and out of Wishaw getting bloods taken and I had my scope this morning. Last night was not pleasant and my sleep wasn't great either. They give you a sedative during the scope which doesn't really seem to have affected me but the nurse said it could hit me later on tonight..

In other news, we're (Mum, Dad and I) flying to London tomorrow in preparation for the operation on Wednesday. Now that we actually have a date for it, I'm starting to get very nervous. Miss Goldberg freaked me out a bit yesterday as she said the recovery is going to be very difficult and long. She said I have to imagine her at the bottom of my bed shouting at me to do my physio and breathing exercises! Eeeek. I keep on thinking about all the awful things that could go wrong but I'm trying to think about the positive sides of it. I'm now just looking forward to it being over. I have so many questions to ask (which I've written down) and I'm hoping I get the answers when we go to the Clinic on Monday. We don't even know how long we'll be down for!

I presume I won't be updating this for a while and will probably be rubbish at getting back to people so I will apologise now! Thank you all for your kind words and prayers, you've all been very supportive. Anywho, I should go now. Speak to you all soon!

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