Sunday, 17 October 2010

Raise it. Run it. Beat it.

Today was the day of the 10k which my siblings and some of my lovely friends ran. The above is the 'catchphrase'. I was so disappointed I was unable to go but it sounds like it was a great day. Rona has already put pictures on facebook and here's a couple of them...

Here's a pic of most of Team Mairead before the run.

I like this one - it's of Ally, Ruth and Teenie crossing the finishing line.

Teenie, James and Rona showing off their backs!

The back of Alice's T-shirt, which I love!

Most of the team after the run, looking a bit tired!

Some lovely members of my family who showed up to support all the runners.

Finally, the amazing cake that a very kind colleague of Ruth's made for the day (Thank you Keggers!).

I am very proud and also feel so honoured that everyone put in so much effort for today. I am incredibly touched by the amount of people who took part and I'm so thankful to have such great friends. I will definitely be at the next one!

When Ruth came down last Monday, she presented Mum, Dad and I with 'Team Mairead' badges. Dad has been wearing his most of the week. Cringe.

The Professor phoned Mum on Friday night to let us know he received the preliminary report from the pathology. It's a mix of good and bad news. The good news is that they managed to successfully remove the tumour from my bowel, the lymph nodes and the lesion on the liver. However, the tumour in the bowel appears to have ruptured during chemotherapy and some cells have most likely escaped. The problem is, we have no idea if the cells that escaped were live cancerous cells or dead cells. In light of this, the prof thinks it is most likely I will have to have the high dose chemotherapy as a precaution. He said he would think about this over the weekend and we would discuss it in full tomorrow. I know it is a positive thing that the tumour has been removed but on Friday evening I was so disappointed. I was so anxious before he phoned and was desperate for him to say that everything had been removed successfully. As with this horrible disease though, nothing can be predicted. None of us were expecting this to happen and once again, it is a change that I will just have to get my head around. Well, we'll just have to wait and see what he says tomorrow.

One positive thing about the past few days is that I am not in hospital. It's safe to say that there is nothing I miss about it! I've managed to get some pictures off my phone, which aren't desperately exciting but here you go. Since moving back home, I have noticed that James can pretty much fall asleep anywhere..

Here's one of Dad clearly having lots of fun.

Rona too...

When I came out of theatre, I had drains coming out everywhere and also three venflons in my left arm. When the last one came out, it created an almighty bruise. One which I have captured for your visual pleasure. Not entirely sure why as it is a bit rank.

Since I've been out of hospital I have not left Daphne's house. It's lovely and cosy so I am very comfortable here. Ruth, Ally and Jamie were here last week and kept me entertained. Andy also appeared on Friday which was a nice surprise.

There's not a TV here which I am surprisingly enjoying... I've spent most of my time reading the paper or working my way through some of the books I brought with me. I'm a big fan of Jane Austen and have just started 'A Weekend With Mr Darcy'. Most of these types of books are pretty rubbish but I read them anyway. I'm still pretty sore but the staples are supposed to be coming out tomorrow. Apparently it won't be as sore when they're out. Well, according to Teenie. We'll see...

One of the most annoying things that has happened since we came to London is that I've now lost most of my hair and eyelashes. I have no idea why as I finished chemo about 5 weeks ago! I think it makes me look really odd as I now just have wispy bits of hair, should I just shave it? Also, does anyone have any suggestions how I can make my face look a bit more normal? I hate not wearing mascara but with no eyelashes, I now have no choice. I'm unsure whether to just go for loads of eyeliner or if that will look odd. Any tips will be much appreciated!

The day before my operation Teenie, James and I started to write a list of things I'm going to do when I'm better. It's already two pages long and I've barely scraped the surface! I am really looking forward to having the energy to do all these things. I just hope it's soon.

Hopefully back in Glasgow on Tuesday, will probably write some more then. Good night y'all.


  1. You can add run a 10k to that list. Remember you can get eyelash extensions!!!

    You are almost at the end of a very long and difficult road but the end is in sight, you just need to push through the final fight and really beat this cancer for good! seeya (cancer)


  2. We all missed you today! But it felt like you were there in spirit! :)
    Can't wait til you are home!
    Rona's right (I know, I did just say that)the end is in sight!
    love you sista xxxxxxxxx

  3. Thinking about you today and hope that it's all good news from here...

    Rona is most definitely right you're so close to giving cancer the heave-ho for good and every day is a day closer to that sucker being gone.

    Loving the photos here- your facecake really does look delicious!

    lots of love xxxxxxx

  4. Yeah, gotta say, I woulda loved to have eaten a bit of your face Mai pie! It looked delish!

    As for eyelashes....what about falsers? Go a bit Cheryl Cole. Just don't go a bit Katie Waissel. Her face freaks me out! Eeeek!

    Or what about a pair of ultra fashionable thick rimmed glasses?! If you put on lots of eyeliner and then put on some glasses, it would maybe create a bit of a barrier and no one would notice the lack of lashes?!

    OR, wear sunglasses all the time.

    OR, just do nothing. You're utterly beautiful no matter what. And we all know that. Who needs eyelashes anyway!

    Lots of love to ya! Hope your meeting today goes ok. xxxxxx

  5. Hi Mairead!

    It's so weird that we haven't met, yet I've put your face on a cake for people to eat. Sorry about that...

    Looking forward to you being back up the road so I can send you some non-face cake via Ruth.

    Chin up lovely! Ceggers x