Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mairead Macleod: Time Traveller. A guest blog by James and Teenie Macleod

Hey ya’ll, Teenie and I have taken it upon ourselves to give everyone an update whilst Mai is on a computer hiatus in hospital. So as you know Mairead went to London on Sunday for her operation on Wednesday. Teenie and I arrived on Tuesday on the four hour long train, me watching Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia and playing Plants Vs Zombies as Teenie listened to Harry Potter. Then as we arrived at Kings Cross Teenie could only really think about Mairead and was pretty worried, well that and the fact that platform 9 and three quarters was so close!
When we arrived at Charing Cross hospital we were surprised and happy to see that Mairead had her own room, it was a pretty sweet room which was made even sweeter with a gift given by Teenie and I. A gift enjoyed by Mairead, but adored by Mum aka Mamma Mac aka Notorious M.U.M.

By the time it came to the operation Mairead was very well informed of what would happen during and after the operation. However, as expected, she was very nervous beforehand. To try and lift her worries I informed her that she would basically travel through time, she would fall asleep and BAM wake up four or so hours later without even feeling it. I thought this was awesome, but I think Mairead had more on her mind. She headed off to the theatre at 12:30 after an emotional goodbye.

To pass the time Teenie and myself went to Westfield Shopping Centre but with a lot on our minds we didn’t stay for long and hung out with the parentals.  For some context of how we were feeling, Teenie went to a huge Topshop and only bought one small top… yeh.

At 5:55 we heard from the surgeon that the operation had gone to plan and there were no complications or surprises. We were told than we would be able to see her at 6.30.  After wandering around several wards we finally found where she was meant to be going, however she was still in recovery. We were given a room to sit in and told she would be there soon. After a very long 4 and half hours we were allowed into recovery to see her two at a time. She was, as expected, groggy and extremely tired but very happy to see us. We had been told that most people post op can be really confused and not even remember the next day, but Mairead was resilient as always and chatted normally. She was very tired but that didn’t stop her from wanting her blackberry. (loldad)

The next day Mairead was in a lot of pain despite all the pain-killers. She saw several doctors and anaesthetists (after much waiting) who finally were able to reduce the pain level but not eliminate it. She’s still not slept very much because the ward is very busy so A Cinderella Story, Princess Diaries 2 and Mamma Mia have been her company, and the Harry Potter audio book passed the time too.  
Today Teenie and I managed to get into the ward early to see her and say goodbye (we had to catch a train home). When we saw her she was still very tired and groggy…
BUT! This afternoon things are looking up, the physio came and she walked through to the day room which is a great step forward (pardon the pun).  So overall, the operation has gone really well and she is recovering slowly but surely.
At the end of our journey to London we saw a familiar face to both Mairead and all of Team Mairead. CHARLOTTE OFF BNTM!!!! Holla!  Teenie and Rona flipped out, which may have been related to the ripped dude in Abercrombie and Fitch, but I didn’t know who she was. This was a ridiculous thing because of course we all know that BNTM is (to quote Father Macleod) “moron TV”… and Susan was so much better than stupid Charlotte.

Mairead thanks everyone for their kind messages of support, prayers and the Chanel nail polish (holla!).  

p.s Teenie doesn’t know what the delorean is. Jamie will not be amused.

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  1. thinking back to when i had my appendix out, timetravel is totally what it is like. i remember it being really cool. perhaps not at the time though...