Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Goodbye Mr Hick...

Today has been a rather odd day. I was told yesterday that I have yet another infection and they seem to think that the root of these infections is the Hickman Line. So, they decided the Hickman Line had to go. I was pleased in a way, as I will no longer have two dangly things from my chest but it now means I'll need to get needles again... Hopefully my veins have picked up a bit so it won't be too bad. When we went in this morning, I found out that they want to give me the antibiotics for a week and that I might have to stay in... I was NOT happy with this and managed to come to an arrangement where I can get the antibiotics as an out-patient so that's quite good. I was pretty nervous about getting the Hickman Line removed but it actually went really smoothly. The nurses are so lovely and really put you at ease. I didn't even notice her taking it out! The most painful part was the anaesthetic! They're hoping I won't need another round of chemo but if I do, I might need to get another Hickman Line put in. Oh well, wait and see I guess! 

Mum has kept me under house arrest for the past few days but she allowed me to leave the house last night. Rona, Teenie and I went over to our friend Cat's new flat which was fun. It was good to be out! We made fajita's and had a good blether. Cat also took some pictures... None of which are flattering.

I had to go in to get blood taken this afternoon and Teenie took me in. We decided last minute to go out for dinner so picked Ruth up from work and went to Cafe Andaluz which was ACE. I am knackered now though so I'm just lazing about and going to have an early night. Laters.


  1. Loving the photos and your smiling face!

    Mega jealous of Cafe Andaluz treats!... but then I do have a box of macaroons, tablet, humbugs, rock, oatcakes and toffee that a couple of pretty ace people sent me....


  2. I am still full, seriously that place is my new craving to go to all the time. this means I have turned into teenie. oh dear.