Saturday, 11 September 2010

I got no strings

I can't remember any more words... This is the song from Pinocchio, I know it's called 'I got no strings' but have no idea what follows.. Anyway there is a relevance to this song title. I went to see my Doctor on Thursday to check in and had a chat with Julie too. She was asking about what side effects I've been suffering from this time and I've realised this has definitely been the worst. One thing that has been really annoying me is that my arms are really limp and lifeless - like a puppet (aaaaaaaaaaand this brings in my Pinocchio reference, thank you very much), which only adds to the fact I feel so weak all the time. I asked about the tingly fingers/toes and Dr Waterston said that this is probably accumulative due to all the chemo I've had and could take a while to go away. I presumed it would be a couple of days but she said it could be a good few months. It's strange to think this weird feeling won't go away any time soon. It's kind of like having constant pins and needles at the tips of your fingers. Very odd. I tested myself with playing the piano the other day and it definitely felt different. Hopefully I'll still be able to play it.

I had to get blood taken on Thursday before we left and there was again a mix up with them taking my HCG. I ALWAYS explain what is to happen (it's a bit confusing as it gets sent to the lab and then to London but there's a specific tube it has to go into) and they NEVER listen to the instructions! So, I had a bit of a run in with the nurses there.. It's just frustrating when I know which way to do it and they don't pay attention. Sorry, rant over. It's just this has happened so many times now it get's quite irritating. Dr Waterston also looked at the X Ray of my leg (it had been sore last week) and it turns out my spine is a bit bent too. I think she said it's called Scoliopsis (or something similar to a Dinosaur name) but doesn't seem too bad. It sounds like I've started to walk a bit differently since the stoma and that has put pressure on my spine/leg. Oh well, that's another thing eh!

Julie called yesterday morning to say that I am again neutropenic and I am not allowed to leave the house... My count is 0.07 so I have to do NOTHING until my immune system picks up. She also said my potassium levels are quite low so I plan on eating bananas today (I presume that helps...?!). Would banana loaf count?

Today was my last day of my GCSF injection and could potentially be my last one ever (this is if I don't need more chemo) - how exciting! I hate those injections so I'm glad to say goodbye.

Ruth and Alice are coming over for the X Factor and a Sleepover tonight OH YES! We plan on doing face masks, eating popcorn, playing Fluffy Bunnies, reading magazines, painting our nails and watching rom coms. It will transport me back to my 12 year old self and I cannot wait!

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