Friday, 17 September 2010

Good News

This has been a good couple of days! Yesterday on my way to the McMillan Day Ward (to get my antibiotics) I bumped into my Doctor and she said she had my scan results and wanted to see me asap. I got quite nervous about this as it sounded urgent! Julie came along with Dr Waterston and we managed to get a room sorted to have a chat. She showed me the scans and the reports and had some great news. The tumour in my bowel has almost resolved, both the MRI and CT radiologists said that they could hardly see it! The lesion on my liver has also reduced and so have the lymph nodes. It shows that the TIP chemotherapy has definitely done its job and that my tumour is behaving like a typical chorio (even though it is in a different area and not of the typical nature). I still don't quite believe it, I don't think it has sunk in! I do still need to have my operation but it means the surgery won't be as major as the tumour isn't as large as first thought. It just shows that even though it was horrid going through the chemo it was totally worth it. I might not need another round so after the operation I will just be in recovery. It's crazy to think that could be it. Dr Waterston wants to see me at least once a month to get my bloods done and I will have regular check ups but this could all be over by the end of the year... AHHHHHH!

Anywho, I know I'm not at the end of the road yet and I have a lot to go through with the operation but I'm just remaining positive that everything is going to go well. I have had so much support from family and friends and I really can't thank them enough for being so amazing throughout this. I'm not looking forward to going to London but I know that everyone will look after me (everyone being Mum).

James is home for the weekend and as a celebration of this and my good news we all went out for dinner. We went to a wee restaurant round the corner from my old flat and it was delish (I had the red snapper in case anyone is wondering). We had to be out by 7.30 as I had to be up at the Beatson to get blood checked. I have had three separate needles today - my veins were slowly healing and are now being attacked again. I have to get blood checked an hour before my antibiotics, then get a venflon in for the antibiotics and on some days I need my blood checked again 6 hours later... It can be a very long day.

Tomorrow I am again due at the Beatson and then James, Teenie, Ruth and I are planning to go and see Avatar at the Imax. I didn't see it first time round so I'm looking forward to it. I'm knackered so going to bed now. Night all!


  1. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS YET!!! I'm so excited and happy for you!! I think about you so often and am beyond thrilled with this status update.

    Keep on hanging in there, Mairead. Woooohooooo!!


  2. Great news Mairead! SO happy to hear this :D

    Good luck with the operation - hope to see you soon!


  3. Phenomenal news Mai, I'm so delighted for you! Good luck for the op, we're thinking of you. xxxxxxx Sadie and Stoof

  4. Hi Mairead!
    Managed to get on here via the careconfidential forum. Just want you to know you have been and continue to be in our prayers. Delighted you've had good news..may it all continue and we trust the op will go well.
    Sending you loads of love
    Elizabeth, Christine & Andy
    once upon a time camp leaders - do you remember us??! x x x

  5. Hi Mairead,

    I do know your Mum, but I don't think I'll have met you before. I got here through the forum too, and been reading your blog. I've been praying for you all summer, as have so many of us in all the CareConfidential centres across the UK and beyond! So so happy to hear this news, and praying that all goes well with the surgery.

    With every blessing,

    Laura Anne (from the Edinburgh centre)