Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bored. Tired. Fed up.

These are the three words that sum up my time in the hospital last week. I got out yesterday and it couldn't come soon enough! I was so happy to leave. I'm not sure why it was so much harder this time, I think the chemo really hit me and I couldn't shake off the tiredness. I've been feeling really sick and nauseous for the past few days too, its horrid. I've been given so many anti sickness tablets but I am finding them hard to keep down. I hope it wears off in a few days.

I had some lovely visitors during the week though and that always perks me up! It was very kind of everyone to visit. I didn't have much chat though! On Friday night my doctor came round and said she feels the HCG has now plateaued and it probably won't go much lower (Charing Cross result was 10, Beatson 8). As of this, she wants to take the surgery forward and not have the last round of TIP. So, basically there is now a schedule! I am having my scans on 13th September, seeing my doc that week to review them, planning a PET Scan and then I'll be sent to London again for the op. I'm finding the idea of the operation very scary but I've always known it's going to come to this. I'm just happy that there's now some sort of plan which will hopefully be stuck to! It's crazy to think this could all be over in a couple of months.

James left for Uni yesterday which is mental! I was so annoyed I was stuck in the hospital on his last night. The family came in though and we all watched Up. It was nice! The house feels weird without him being here.. Teenie will just have to make more noise than normal now! I'm going to miss his cardigans, omelettes, DVD collection and general chat. You better visit a lot James!

Right I need to go, back to bed!


  1. Ditto! Great to hear there's a plan in the works though...
    Hope you're feeling better by the day my little trooper xxx

  2. That's probably good to have a bit of an idea what's happening, hope you're relaxing back home and feeling a bit less sicky. Have you seen the current total for the 10k, amazing!