Sunday, 8 January 2012

Should old acquaintance be forgot..

I think it's probably fair to say, that most people who say, 'I JUST LOVE singing Auld Lang Syne' don't have a clue what the words are. I am OK with admitting that I am one of those people. However, this blog post title is one line that I do know - hurrah! I have been putting off writing a post for ages - I am becoming very lazy I think - but as time has gone on, I have even more to write.. Oh well, you guys are in for a treat then!

As I didn't go to London a few weeks ago, I got my MRI in Wishaw instead. The results from that MRI were good and there is no sign of cancer - phew. I felt totally fine going for the MRI but when it came to the results I started to get a bit nervous. All good though! Unfortunately, I ended up in hospital a few days before New Year with that annoying stomach pain again. As it's happened a few times, I can now tell when it's starting so we rushed straight to Wishaw. I quickly got a fluid drip and a few shots of morphine (thanks to a letter from my wonderful surgeon). That really helped the pain but they kept me in overnight anyway. I was absolutely RAGING the next day as they would not let me leave. I felt totally fine yet nobody was listening to me. In the end (about 6 hours later) a doctor showed up, asked how I was, then said I could go. I was getting ready to walk out so he came in the nick of time! I feel like I'm continuously saying that some doctors and nurses (not all!) don't look at the patient as a person - they just look at the symptoms. This is fair enough if someone wanders in and hasn't had any prior problems. However, with me, it takes forever trying to explain to a random doctor what's been going on. I think I now know my own body and when I'm feeling slightly ropey. I feel that they have to look at the patient as a whole and ultimately what is best for them. I was absolutely determined not to spend any more time in hospital than was necessary but this clearly wasn't a necessity to them. Obviously, I understand they have paperwork to do and such like but STILL. This is the ward that I'll be in after my Op.. I'm not very happy about this as I now think the nurses look at me like I'm a grumpy cow.. Oh well. They know the truth about me then! 

So yes.. My Op... It is scheduled for 17th January (two days before Mum's birthday.. Sorry Mum) at 8am (bet you any money it doesn't happen til 5pm). I'm trying not to think about it but honestly I am terrified! I know it's a basic routine thing and I'll be in and out of theatre in an hour but my mind clearly doesn't work like that. I'm getting myself psyched out about it which is NOT good. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the morphine pump - that's always fun. OK, I'm not actually looking forward to it, but every cloud eh? I am seriously crossing everything that I get a single room. I am sick of people on wards saying to me, 'oh you're so young, why are you here?' and having to tell everyone my whole 'story'. Also, there are really strict visiting hours at Wishaw if you're on a ward with other people.. I do NOT like that. Oh yes, one other thing that bugs me SO MUCH is that they come around, turn on the lights, open the curtains etc at 8am! Last week when I was in hospital, I eventually fell asleep at 6.30am so this did not amuse me. It's times like this I really miss The Beatson (they would let me lie in as long as I like.. Ahhhh the TCT - another reason they are great!). 

Well, I have bored you all long enough with this health chat. Reading it back it looks more like a rant.. Sorry! Anywho, the festive season has now come and gone, but it was really nice. We had a festive party in Uddy the week before Christmas. My costume idea of a Snowflake fell through so I went for a 'Blue Christmas' - pretty easy for me!

Our cousins were staying in Coatbridge over Christmas so were round a lot and Granny and Grandpa Macleod were here too. The Brown cousins then came for New Year - the house feels very quiet now they've all gone. We had a bit of a disaster on Christmas Day coming back from church to realise the turkey hadn't been cooking. It was all good in the end though as the turkey was carefully transported to the oven in Coatbridge and brought back to Uddy - it tasted wonderful too! Christmas Day was rather bitter-sweet. James is still very sore and hasn't had much improvement at all. It was sad not to have him at the dinner table and to see him his normal, happy self. 

In the week leading up to Hogmanay, I realised that I hadn't completed my one New Years Resolution.. To make a croquembouche! This HAD to be rectified. So, Mum, Auntie Rosemary and I got baking and after a few tries at spun sugar, we perfected it. Here is the finished result..

We decided to make a petite one - the next time we try it, it will be massive! It tasted great too - honest. On New Year's Eve we had planned to do a Murder Mystery but changed our minds. However, this did not stop us from getting dressed up! Seriously, my family are mental - which is why I love them. 

Celebrating New Year felt rather odd. I found it quite strange as things are so different to last New Year (in a good way! For me anyway). It really made me reflect on everything that has gone on and puts into perspective how much things have changed. So much has happened this past year and even in the week leading up to Hogmanay, there was some awfully sad news. It is difficult to know what to say in these situations as nothing can ever really help. All I want to say is that she will be terribly missed and remembered as a loving, caring and wonderful woman. 

2011 was an awfully tough year for a lot of people that I love and I really hope that 2012 is a year of happiness, health and filled with many good things. Even saying that makes me think of all the cringey facebook statuses that appeared on New Years Eve.. I genuinely mean this though! I am going to have a think tonight about what my New Year's Resolutions will be and post later on this week. Suggestions welcome.. 


  1. Hi. Why don't you join us for 'One Word' this year? basically making one word an overarching new year's resolution...

  2. No resolutions in mind. Not even for myself ;-). Sorry,

    I am glad to hear how you are doing and it is okay to rant ;-)...

  3. Hey girl, your nye outfit is amazing, and your hair!

    In the summer my dad had a big abdominal surgery and he too has been in and out of hospital with these horrendous pains from adhesions, it's so frustrating as once you're in and have had the morphine you're good to go, they were maybe going to keep him for Christmas! Anyway, there is my rant over, but he was interested to hear how you were getting on when I told him a friend had the pains too!

    Onto brighter things your croquembouche is magnificent! xxx

  4. Hi Mairead, I am just seeing this today, which is the day of your surgery so I hope that everything has gone well and you post an update soon. You are looking good in your photos. Your croquembouche is amazingly impressive! I'm delighted that christmas and new year were light years away from last year for you. But I'm so sorry to hear James is still in so much pain, I completely sympathise and I understand the frustration he (and you all) must be feeling. I hope he gets answers soon. I hope you heal well and heal fast xx