Thursday, 3 May 2012

London Lolz

This post has been a long time coming - I really have absolutely no excuse at all. Basically, I'm just incredibly lazy. I kinda miss my little corner of the internet so thought I would post a wee update for y'all.

Since my last post, I've managed to fit in two trips to London - one to visit the prof and one to go to a Teenage Cancer Trust event at the Royal Albert Hall. Everything was grand with the prof - all scans were clear and no scares like the last time. Mum and I had some prosecco and macarons to celebrate and met up with some London friends for dinner. Any excuse huh?!

Well, now I'm basically going to BANG ON about how awesome the Royal Albert Hall was! I am a HUGE fan of the theatre but had never been to the RAH so I was so excited to be invited by the Teenage Cancer Trust. It was an all expenses paid trip (holla) so that was pretty ace! We were at the RAH all day with other folk from the charity - we got involved in a Music Workshop, had a tour of the hall, a champagne reception, a lovely dinner, amazing goodie bags, wonderful seats and then got to meet all the comedians! Here are some snaps for y'all.

We had some time on Tuesday for tourirsty stuff so went to the big Topshop, an Italian for lunch then hit up Liberty's - standard. It was a wonderful trip and it was great to go to London and not have to go to hospital!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with birthdays and fun happenings - April always seems to be very busy! As of this, I seem to have contracted some sort of awful cough. It's starting to disappear a bit thanks to some antibiotics. In the words of David Cameron, my body was telling me to, 'calm down dear'.

Here are some pictures to prove why I am so run down.. THANKS FRIENDS FOR BEING SO FUN.

I have also been involved in a few other Teenage Cancer Trust events recently. A few weeks ago, I attended the Managed Service Network Launch. At the event, Nicola Sturgeon announced that the Scottish Government will back age appropriate care for young people going through cancer. Great news! A lot of work had gone into this and we were all very happy with the result. I have also been invited to a parliamentary event in Westminster in June which I am rather excited about. I think I've got to say a few words so I am already pretty nervous. More about that when it happens though!

Aside from all the above, I am now at the stage where I really need to think about what to do... With my life... I have officially left my old job (I'll miss you guys!) and I could not have asked for a more supportive and caring group of colleagues. However, it has now left me in a quandary! By now I feel I should have come to some sort of conclusion/had an epiphany yet nothing has fallen from the sky.. Hmm.. I have a few more things lined up with TCT/Macmillan over the next few months so I think I'll see where they lead to. It's all rather terrifying but I'm trying to look at what I can benefit from this down time - I'm sure there will be something out there for me. However, any suggestions - fire them my way!

It's coming up to two years since my diagnosis - I don't particularly want to dwell on it and I really don't want it to define me. I'm totally cool if it comes up in conversation, or something wants to ask me about it but I am so happy that it's not the only thing I have to talk about anymore.

I promise I won't leave it so long til my next update!

PS - thoughts on my hair? I'm still not convinced I like it. (That may be fishing for compliments - unashamedly).


  1. yey! welcome back! I was looking at your blog just the other day and wondered when you'd post again.

    Glad your busy busy with lots on fun stuff :o)

    Hair looks great btw - very 30s/40s flapper-esque :o)

    Lara x

  2. I think you should keep your hair curly. The few times I had mine straightened at the hairdresser's it seemed I had been 'licked by a cow'. ;)
    Lenghtwise, it looks cute too. You look like an actress from the 20's.

  3. Love your hair!

    And that photo of you and Tim Minchin totally cracks me up. Tee hee.

    As for future, I wonder if you've ever read Oli Lewington's blog? He's friends with Tor Tremlett - has a similar story to her in that he has CF and went through a double lung transplant. He's written a fair bit lately on dreams, the future, what to do with one's life and such like!

  4. How did we not discuss goody bags from RAH?! Spill! you knwo I love the hair obvs- How many people stopped to discuss your hair on Wed?! It is the talk of the town- HOT!xxxxxx

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