Monday, 10 September 2012

"Well, that looks fantastic!"

Once again, I have left it a very long time to update this old thing. I feel I don't really have much to say anymore! So, I'll just pop up a wee health/life update on my little corner of the internet.

So, last Thursday evening, Mum and I made the journey once again to London. Unfortunately, this was not for Fashion's Night Out or the Paralympics, but for an appointment with the prof on Friday Morning. We arrived at Daphne's (who once again put up with us!) rather late so went straight to bed. My MRI was at 9.45 so it was a pretty early morning for us! After that, we headed over to clinic and were seen early (THIS NEVER HAPPENS) which was good. We had a little catch up and I was told off for doing too much.. Whoopsie. The prof said he thinks my little 'episodes' are probably migraine related but also that they seem to happen when I'm overtired. So, I have been told once more not to push myself - I will be taking things easy these next few weeks! He then looked up my MRI and had a look through. He said it looked fantastic and there was no trace of the cancer - what a relief! After he said that, Mum and I both realised how nervous we'd been up to that point. When I'm nervous, I feel incredibly nauseous and can't eat. The second he said that, the sickness feeling passed. I'm not sure why I was so worked up about this scan - I guess every check up is nerve-wracking, so it is great to hear everything looks good. My blood levels are still a bit all over the place so we're going to keep a close eye on them. Dark chocolate is supposed to help Magnesium levels so I've been instructed to eat a lot of that.. What a shame. We had a long catch up and then Mum and I were free! I absolutely LOVE walking out of Charing Cross Hospital in a good mood - it doesn't have many happy memories attached to it. We're not due back down until March but I will still have my blood checked regularly and have appointments at The Beatson. So to celebrate, we headed into Chinatown for some dim sum and then went to see Anna Karenina at the cinema in Leicester Square. The cinema is so nice inside but it was £18 a ticket!

After this, we headed into town to meet my good chum Martin for dinner. We ended up in Covent Garden drinking prosecco in a lovely rooftop bar - perfect! The next day we met Cousin Kate for brunch and headed back to Daphne's to get ready for Matthew's Friends Ball ( The charity is raising money and awareness for children with epilepsy to try a different diet - it was such an amazing and inspirational night hearing about the charity and the amazing work they do. We were at a table with some of Mum and Dad's friends from Cole Abbey, so Mum loved the catching up!

The past wee while hasn't been too busy but enough for me to feel shattered all the time! My energy levels are still RUBBISH but fingers crossed they'll pick up soon - they're taking their sweet time. Here are some pictures of recent events.. First up we have Sarah's wedding! It was such an amazing day, Sarah was such a gorgeous bride - DUH. We stayed at Granny & Grandpa's the night before then Alice's lovely folks put up with us on the night of the wedding - thanks Sandra! 

William laughing at my wasp sting..

Showing the dance floor our Beyonce moves.

This wasn't actually posed (honest) - it's just to show how long my hair is! PONYTAIL TIME!

Beautiful Mrs McNeish!

Next up is just a bundle of random photo's from the last month or so.. First up, I absolutely LOVED the Olympics - which is bizarre as I do not enjoy watching or participating in sports.. Oh well, it was awesome. Ruth and Ally held an opening ceremony night, so obviously we had cake.

We had a wonderful holiday club in Coatbridge with lots of amazing kids - I've stolen this snap off you Jane, I hope you don't mind!

My lovely cousin Esther turned 21, so she held a 20s themed party! Any excuse to get dressed up :)

I also had a day at the fringe with my lovely Music Girls (not sure why we still call each other this - we left uni 5 years ago!) - it was great fun.

Finally, we have a picture of myself in the local newspaper! I'm currently doing some volunteering for Macmillan and trying to get folk to sign up for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning at the end of the month! I'm holding one in Coatbridge and also one at Hillhead Bookclub - it should be fun! Also, the newspaper spelt Macleod wrong..

Today I have done absolutely nothing and I still feel shattered. I have come down with a rubbish cold and can't speak at all - I'm guessing everyone in the house is rather thankful about this. I hope it comes back as I have plans this week - ANNOYING. I shall try not to leave it as long before my next update. I say that but any money it's longer. Oh well, laters!


  1. mad love for all the snaps. and it has reminded me just how good that olympics cake was. YAS! xxxx

  2. I just really love your hair. It must be very weard (still) to have curls if you are not used to it...

  3. Hey Mairead, great to see you (and the family) looking so good - I love the dress you have on to the ball (long blue one, in the photo with your Mum) - it's really stunning! Glad you are managing to keep busy, I understand the frustration at the energy levels. Are you taking any supplements? I've tried a few at different times that have helped a bit, let me know if you'd like any info on them (CoQ10 200mg is a really good one - cheaper to order from US). Hope you keep improving, you've done so well! xx