Sunday, 28 August 2011

We love a photogenic horse

Yesterday we all went off to Achnasheen to celebrate Auntie Mina's and Uncle Alastair's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Most of the family were there which was lovely. Unfortunately, James couldn't make it as his back has become worse. The pain hasn't been improving so sitting in a car would be a nightmare for him. He was really missed though and felt very odd without him there. As always, a lot of pictures were taken and I will pop some here to show you all.

The kids table...

Granny and I. I am crouching quite a bit here..

There were a few random Shetland Ponies around the hotel.. I think this picture is my favourite.

I know this looks like I've put loads of pictures up of the same thing but it was rather funny.. The pony (which we named Toby) decided to enter our family picture and it took quite a while to get rid of him.. It was a total lol though.

This is the only one Dad made it into..

Toby then decided he wanted to come into the hotel.. He only made it to the porch.

It was so nice to see the extended family, a lot of whom I've not been able to see this past year. Everyone has been so kind to me and it was great to catch up.

We've had a lovely time up north and are going to Edinburgh tomorrow to celebrate Auntie Dianne's birthday. On Friday, Mum, Granny and I went to Anta and then to Dornoch - two of my favourite places!

On Friday night when Teenie arrived we popped into Tain for dinner. It was delish!

One last thing.. As I've mentioned previously, Granny lives in 'Hill of Fearn'. This sign is sometimes changed to 'Hill of Fear' and as we were driving past on Friday night someone had changed it! YAS! I was absolutely overjoyed and made Dad stop the car so we could get a snap of this momentous occasion. It was rather awkward to park there as it is at the side of a country road so we tried to be quick. It took Mum a while to take the picture and Dad was getting rather impatient.. My heels were sinking into the grass and there were spiders EVERYWHERE. After about ten minutes, the flash went and we hopped back into the car and started driving off. However, after all that, the only picture we ended up with was this.. THANKS MUM.

OK, that was a really picture heavy post and rather dull... Soz! Anywho, I'm off to pack my bag for tomorrow. Night all.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

M.R... WHY?!

I have just read that title back and it reads like a man named Mr Why but it is actually reference to the fact I had yet another MRI last Thursday. I kind of forgot about it and didn't realise until we were driving in that I never phoned to confirm it.. Whoops. However, they just presumed I was coming so I was on the books! MRI's don't bother me now, it's quite nice to lie down and know you can't do anything! Yes, you are normally in a rather small space (that can be rather claustrophobic), the noise the machine makes is so loud (they give you headphones for the radio, this doesn't help) and you can't move for half an hour (annoying if you need to go to the bathroom). They also give you a panic button which I am always so tempted to press... I have restrained myself though. The ladies at Radiology are lovely and one was saying she remembers when I came for my first MRI - oh my how things have changed since then! It feels rather odd talking about that long ago. I remember thinking that it was something pretty routine and did not think it would be anything untoward.. I was a bit out there eh?! Anywho, my lovely nurse at Wishaw called on Friday to say it hadn't been reported but everything looked absolutely fine - so basically, it doesn't look like any tumour is still kicking about in my bowel. Hurrah! My blood is still all over the place (Magnesium fix yourself already right?!) but I think that's to be expected so nobody is worried about that.

I have had a very busy couple of weeks and I can't even remember what's been happening?! I have a few snaps to share so maybe that would be easier than me trying to remember.. They're in a funny order but who cares about that eh?

Our lovely Alice has moved up to Aberdeen so we had the girls round for a Chinese (I have had about four in the past two weeks.. No joke), wine, ice cream and Burlesque (the film, not a raunchy dance routine). It was a lovely night and it was sad saying Goodbye to Aldo. She has been absolutely amazing this past year and we're all really going to miss her. I am really looking forward to visiting though - I've not been to Aberdeen in years!

A party is not complete without trying on wigs yeah?!

Teenie and I helped Barbara and co at the last minute holiday club.. It went pretty well I thought! I was absolutely knackered at the end of it though!

Teenie, Ruth and I had another jaunt to Ikea... This time we got meatballs so all is right in the world. I also bought my treasured Chanel Graphite nail polish just before we went so we painted our nails in the food court.. Holler.

Saturday was a really nice day. As most people know, Teenie has decided not to be a nurse and to go be a dancer instead! So, on Saturday we took her through to sort out her flat in Edinburgh. We kitted out her flat in the morning then went to meet Stef in the afternoon. Stef and Tom had great news last week so we had some celebrating to do! We went to the Udderbelly (VIP hollaaaa) and had some Mojito's and great chat (obviously). Will and co joined which was great fun. After all this hilarity, Ruth and I took Teenie home and went to get the train. It was really sad saying 'Bye' to Teenie. I know Edinburgh is not far away but I've become so used to having her with me all the time. She has been there for me constantly (and without complaint!) this past year and I'm really going to miss having her around. This is one reason why I need to learn how to drive! Teenie, all I have to say is.. BABY G.

I LOVE this picture! So cute.

Oh these photo's are definitely in the wrong order.. Sozzers. Last Monday, Teenie and I met up with our favourite babies for a trip to M&D's. Now, M&D's isn't exactly Disneyland but it was still pretty good fun. There is an amazing sweetie shop and the kids lived up to the phrase, 'like children in a sweetie shop...'. To be honest, I think Teenie and Barbara were the worst!

I'm going away this weekend for my Auntie Mina and Uncle Alastair's 50th Wedding Anniversary and we're going to stay in Fearn again. I am really excited to be up north and seeing all the family. Next week is a big birthday for Auntie Dianne so we will have more celebrating in Edinburgh too! Aaaaaaaaaand after that is the ceilidh! I am really looking forward to it now! Also, if you haven't already, please check out.. Any questions, just send me a wee e-mail.

Today I went dress shopping for all these events and wasn't very successful. However, I am now very tired so I hope I will sleep well tonight! Over and out.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

My swagger's in check

I cannot get this song out of my head. I apologise if it is now in your head.. If you do not know this song, you're incredibly lucky. Anywho, hello there! Well, I have had an incredibly busy week - well busy for my standards! I have a few more pictures for the wedding for you all to gaze upon.

This might sound weird but I feel rather chuffed that I managed to last the whole day - and yes, even dancing away too. It was just so much fun. I know I have gushed a huge amount already about it but it just went sooo well! I also felt very honoured being asked to be a bridesmaid, thanks Phil and Jem :)

This week began with my friend Frances' birthday so we met up at Cafe Hula, had some tapas and a wee glass of wine. Good good.

On Tuesday I was back at the Beatson to meet Lord Jack McConnell, who was coming to speak to the 'young folk' about the Teenage Cancer Trust. I had never heard of the TCT until I was unwell but now, I cannot say enough good things about them. I really do think they do invaluable work and this is what we had to tell him! He was a very nice man and incredibly personable. He said he had only recently heard of the TCT and is wanting to become more involved. He spoke to us for quite a while and then it was time for a mini photoshoot... Cringe.

On Wednesday, Teenie, Ruth, Cat and I decided to venture out to Ikea to get some meatballs for dinner. This was an ace idea until we turned up at Ikea and they were having a Crayfish Festival (meaning NO meatballs) - ehhh sorry what?! We were not happy about this. The only thing that would make the situation a bit more bearable would be to purchase a Dime Cake... However, Ikea NO LONGER HAVE DIME CAKES. Well, as you can tell, I was not very happy about this. To ease our pain, we headed over to Xscape for some grub and a shot at the photo machine... If you were a teenager in the late 90's you will remember these machines. I think most of my Saturday afternoons were spent at them.

Thursday was a HUGE day. Teenie and I went to chuck some stuff in her new flat (which, FYI, is totally gorgeous, near Haymarket in Edinburgh) and Alice came round for dinner. The big news is that.. Drum Roll please.. I HAD A CHINESE TAKEAWAY WAHOOOOOO! This was a rather momentous occasion as I have been on a strict 'pregnant woman's' diet since May 2010. I have been very well behaved with this diet, but there are so many foods I've been craving. Clare and I are going to hunt Glasgow for the best cheese board (any suggestions, fire them my way) and I REALLY want to go to Brel for Muscles and chips.I found a list the other day that Teenie and I wrote while I was getting the High Dose Chemo and I wasn't able to eat. This list is of restaurants that I want to go to.. It's rather long.

On Friday, Teenie and I met Barbara and the kids and went to the park which was great fun as always. In the evening I met my chums and went to celebrate Ally's birthday. It sounds really sad to say, 'it felt like old times' but it really made me realise how much I've missed over this past year. It felt normal and I didn't feel paranoid that people were looking at me as I don't think I look any different now (I'm telling myself that my hair is a passable length).

I know this post has been all 'blah, blah, blah' but I think it really shows that I'm getting gradually better each day. A few weeks ago, I could never have imagined doing something every single day so that in itself is an achievement! Also, last week my Magnesmium went down to 0.54 (it's supposed to be around 0.7-1.0) and even though I'm taking the supplements it doesn't seem to be doing anything. So, I conducted my own 'test'. I didn't take the supplements for five days and when I got my blood checked on Tuesday it was 0.65! This is good news as it means my kidneys are going in the right direction! It's still going to take a while for my blood to behave but at the moment, that works for me.

Now, something I've been planning for quite some time now is my Fundraising Ceilidh for the Teenage Cancer Trust. It's being held at 7.30pm on Saturday 3rd September at the Glasgow University Union. I have a couple of bands sorted thanks to some good friends and I'm now trying to get together raffle prizes. If any blog type folk can think of anything to contribute/know of anyone that would contribute, please let me know! I've spent most of my day sending loads of emails and I plan to phone round places again on Monday. I already have a few prizes from some lovely local business so hopefully I can get a few more! If you have any suggestions/want to come/want to donate a raffle prize, just drop me an email at

Right guys, I think I best be off now! I hope everyone is having a swell weekend.