Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fizzy Cola Bottles

All day I have been craving fizzy cola bottles. My tastebuds have gone absolutely mental. It's these ones I really want though... You know the REALLY sour ones?

But now because I've eaten so many sweeties of a similar nature today my tongue feels dead weird. You know when you eat too many haribo your tongue feels kinda fuzzy? Yeah, I definitely overdid the fizzy sweets today. I've also been drinking really bitter drinks - mainly sparkling mineral water with lemon juice.. Yes, I know that sounds absolutely revolting but it's literally one of the only things I can drink! Actually, I did try watermelon juice today that was quite nice too. Basically, my tastebuds are changing drastically every day and there seems to be no pattern to it. Bet I hate fizzy sweets tomorrow and I'm craving pickles or something random.

I've not done very much today at all, just chillaxed in the house. The Moroke's from St Vincent Street came out to visit and it was really nice to see them. We were blethering about camp and I'm so gutted that I can't go! This will be the first time since I was 12 that I've not gone to camp. Sad times.

I had a great day yesterday too, the bbq was ace. I don't know why we've not had a bbq before! Here are some lovely pics of the day...

Today is also my little brother James' 18th birthday. He's currently working at the Edinburgh Film Festival so has not spent his birthday in Uddingston. Instead he went to see Toy Story 3 and is going to some fancy wrap party. No idea why you would choose that over Uddy. Tomorrow he is being taken out shopping and then we are all going to Khublai Khans for dinner. Yeah! Ok, I've just seen a bug in my room. Bye.


  1. look at that rare snap of Gordo, I had to sneak that one.

  2. I love those fizzy coke bottles...they're my faves!!

    And I'm sorry to hear you're not so well right now. Will most def keep you in my prayers. Hang in there...xoxo