Saturday, 26 June 2010

My First Blog..

Well hello there! I am unsure how to start this as I have never 'blogged' before. It's a weird thing really. You're kind of talking to yourself but it's open for other people to read. Hmmm.. Anywho, I wanted to start this so we'll see what happens.

So, it is pretty much five weeks since I found out I had cancer. Since then it's been a bit crazy! I found out on the Friday afternoon there was something up, the Monday I was operated on and then the Tuesday I was carted down to London. The type they think I have is called a non-gestational choriocarsinoma (unsure of the spelling... I should know this) and I was sent to London as the experts in this type work there. So, we were in London for two LONG weeks getting treatment and the whole time I was desperate to come back! I was so happy when we got home.

Since then, it's been really busy with appointments, visitors, chemo, more appointments etc but it's keeping me going! Mum is off work so is able to chauffeur me around to wherever I need to be.

Last night I had a great surprise though - we were just sitting in the Living Room watching the football (yawn) when the doorbell rang... It was Auntie Rosemary and Grace! I got such a shock! They had travelled all the way from Skye for the night and it was so good to see them. They also came bearing beautiful gifts, one being this gorgeous bag from Italy (you know a bag is fancy when it comes in a separate bag to carry it in) and some amazing Skye Soap treats. There's tablet too which I must remember to hide from Dad.

Today I am hoping for a nice day. Not because I like hot weather (actually the opposite, I HATE the heat) but because some chums are coming over for a bbq. We have never hosted a bbq in Uddy before so I think Mum is a bit paranoid. I'm sure it will be swell though! I really hope I have an appetite..

Well, this first post is a bit scattered and all over the place but you're allowed to do that for the first one eh? Laters!

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  1. whoooop post one. Love it, and csnnot wait to see this bag- dust bag= special!

    Well done on a meaty first post.