Saturday, 26 June 2010

My Red Hair

So, one of my life ambitions is to marry someone with the surname Hair. My little brother and his friends used to call me Mai-Red-Hair to annoy me (which worked when I was a sensitive, ginger, short, 12 year old) but when I decided to man up about being ginger I thought the nickname was rather cool. Unfortunately, the only man I have come across with the surname Hair was a Lecturer in the Music Department who was rather portly and balding. Not that I'm shallow or anything,  but he wasn't really my type. I'll obviously need to search further in this quest.

In relation to the topic of hair, one of the annoying things about chemotherapy is the fact I'm going to lose it. I actually feel ok about loosing it, I'm more annoyed about the fact I'm going to loose my eyelashes. I think my face is going to look weird without them. Well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

I was told that one of most distressing things while going through chemotherapy was when your hair falls out in chunks and is all over your pillow. Most ladies I spoke to in London had got their hair cut before it fell out. So, I decided to do this too. I shall talk you through this epic adventure...

This is a picture of my hair before the first haircut... Basically, the way it has been for years. I won't be offended if you think it's dull. It is.

Aaaaaaand this is a picture of how it turned out after...

I was a little bit nervous before going in but it was actually great fun and I was so happy with the result. I was surprised at how much I liked it! The following Thursday I went into the Beatson to begin my treatment in Glasgow and my fantastic nurse Julie managed to get me an appointment at the Alan Edwards Salon in Merchant City about a wig. He was amazing and cut my hair even shorter for me...

This was again a huge change but it was great of him, so easy to manage!

And now we have the wig... This is before it was dyed and we had so much fun in the Salon playing with it.

We popped back to the Salon on Tuesday night and here are pictures of my finished wig... Doesn't it look ace?!

Well, that's the 'This is my Life' story regarding my hair. I have not lost it all yet but it's getting all wispy and thinning out. I'm going to have to start rocking the headscarf look!

I had a great day today, some chums came over for a bbq and I plan on sorting through the pictures tomorrow and posting the good ones (ie the ones of me with no double chin). Over and out.

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  1. ehhh good lucj going through all 1100000 snaps I took :)

    you look so gorgeous in all of these. I like this.