Monday, 13 December 2010

It's been a hard day's night

Mum and I are currently working our way through all the Beatles tracks I have on my Itunes (which is loads). The last one to play was Daytripper which has always been my favourite. I was in the Concert Band at school (which was GREAT, I played clarinet, I don't care if anyone slags me for it) and one of the best pieces we played was Daytripper. The first clarinets got a great part! There's so many Beatles tracks I like and one that will forever remind me of Teenie is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. For a while this was her morning alarm which she would never hear but EVERYONE else would. It would then play on loop until someone went to shake her. I do not have good memories of this song but I still like it!

There currently seems to be a bit of a mix up with my Hickman Line... There are two lumens coming from my hickman but apparently this round of chemo needs three.. I've been told that they may need to take my current one out and give me a new one. As you can imagine, I am not very happy about this. Some days they will be running three chemo drugs at the same time and these cannot be put in the same lumen. The doctors are coming round soon for a ward round and I will definitely be voicing my concerns about the situation! The letter that was sent to Charing Cross says that I need a double lumen Hickman Line so Charing Cross haven't made the mistake. I wonder who has.. Hmmm..

Today seems to be going very slowly. Mum is knitting a jumper for James and I'm just reading. As I have been given steroids, my appetite is back and I think I've eaten the most since my operation. The problem is, there's hardly any shops around here! There's no M&S like the Beatson (gutted). The hospital is also right next to a prison.. Weird. Some folk have been asking for the address here and it is; Room 7, Dacie Ward, Hammersmith Hospital, Du Cane Road, London, W12 0HS (no flowers allowed on ward though!). Feel free to send a Christmas card! I forgot I would have a pin board and I forgot to take any pictures so currently it looks very dull. Jamie is coming down on Thursday so I am going to ask him to bring some down! One thing the booklet has said that if anyone is planning to visit, they are to send a text/call me beforehand so I know to expect people. Also, please don't feel offended if I tell you not to come because I am too tired. I'm not very good at saying it so if I do, it will be because I'm knackered! I hope that makes sense.

They've started the chemo now and I'll be getting lots of drugs over 24 hours, a day off and then the same again. This routine will run for seven days and then the bone marrow transplant will take place. I'm trying not to think about all the horrid side effects at the moment...

Think the doctors are on their way now, best be off!


  1. I have daytripper in my head now,

    whooop, tell mamma Mac I would like a big snowman jumper please xxxxxxx

  2. Do love Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

    Edinburgh team at Amica are thinking of you!