Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Hello there! Myself, Rona and some friends have been planning a surprise party for Teenie's 21st for quite some time and the big event happened on Saturday. I think it went pretty well! Teenie said she knew something was going on but didn't realise it was a party. I thought we'd been pretty stealth about it all but anywho. Here's some snaps of the night..

These are only a handful of the pictures but I don't want to bore you all with even more! It was such a fun night and we were all so happy everyone made the effort to come despite all the snow. Teenie got lots of lovely presents so I think she was happy with the outcome! Rowan and Janice brought LOADS of amazing Christie's cakes which we didn't open until everyone had left... Whoops! In our defence, we didn't realise they were there. It was rather amusing when Ami put a cake in Rona's face... It won't let me upload the picture at the moment but I will do! There was some bubbly floating around so it was nice to have a wee glass of champers to celebrate.

We've had a very quiet few days at home... The snow has made it pretty impossible to do anything! Teenie and Mum have just taken Twinkle to the vet and they've been out for about an hour and a half.. The poor cat. Hopefully we will make it further out tomorrow - I need to do Christmas shopping before going to London!

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