Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tom na Gruagaich (a prize to the first to explain the connection to Mairead)

I (Iain Macleod- Mairead's Dad) am privileged to be allowed to write this guest blog as Mairead is just too weary and sick. She's sorry that she hasn't been able to reply to all the texts and e-mails.

The last few days have been pretty grim. Mairead has been getting intensive high dosage chemo, she is feeling rotten all over, she's tired but sleepless, she should eat but can't and has periodic bouts of vomiting.

The chemo is over but is still in her system. The stem cell transplant is on Monday 20th but will take a few days to kick in. Still to come are the  mouth ulcers, the inevitable infection as her system is left with no defences and more nausea, pain and distress.

She has just said that the stress of educating parents in blog access adds to her woes.

But.... but we have a lot to be thankful for- if one can ever be thankful for anything associated with cancer.

The cancer was found early, she responded well to the first chemo, the operation was successful, the hormone that the tumour exudes has dropped to below 2 (1,582 when first diagnosed), the medical care is sophisticated and dedicated and we live in a time and a society when this cancer can be treated.

Mairead's dedicated circle of friends have been extraordinary in their support. We can never thank them enough.

So many friends have been praying for Mairead. Again, we thank them.

One of my favourite psalms is 116- it begins in the old metrical version

'I love the Lord because my voice and prayers He did hear

I, while I live will call on Him, who bowed to me His ear'


  1. The thing I like about iambic meter is that it echoes the heartbeat and your heart flows through this entire guest entry. Thanks for the update Iain. Love to Mai and all the Macleod clan.

    Not sure about the connection to Tom na Gruagaich though - looking forward to finding out!

  2. the munro she climbed? i know climbing this mountain is one that is proving so tough but she will be so soothed having you and mamma mac there
    and the rest of the gang soon. Hope all goes well tomorrow with the stem cells. I am thinking of her every minute and can't wait to be there to see her, that the whole family.


  3. Thinking about our lovely Mai and all the wonderful Macleod clan constantly- especially today.

    We're all hoping that everything goes as smoothly as possible today.

    Please give her an extra big squeeze and kiss from me and Tom.

    Lots of love to all of you

    Stef xxx

  4. Happy stem cell birthday Mairead. Praying that full engraftment happens quickly and successfully and that Hickman line no 3 holds up. Also praying that the infections aren't so inevitable and are quick and easy to treat (and identified super quick) should they arise. You (and your family because it's no fun for them either) are in my thoughts.Lx

  5. Macleods - we continue to pray for you all. Praying for super protection from infections for Mairead & a successful stem cell transplant.

    Much love from so many of us in CareConfidential PCCs across the UK.

  6. Mairead and all the MacLeods, we're thinking of you and hope everything has gone well with the stem cell transplant. Massive big hugs, thanks for keeping us updated here on the blog. We're reading and wishing you all the healing thoughts we can! Love love love, Sadie and Stoof xxx

  7. Lots of love to you all, especially for your Christmas tomorrow! I hope you can all enjoy the day together in spite of Mai's situation. I will hopefully make it down for a visit around New Year and can't wait to see Mairead kicking cancer's butt! Aileen xxx

  8. Hi Mairead, I just found your blog, thanks to your mom. I will come back and read through it properly as the mails and letters were pretty brief. I really hope you will feel better soon! Love Jantine