Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Halfway to 50

On Friday I turned the grand old age of 25... HOW SCARY?! I can't believe I'm 25. Mental. I had a lovely day with Mum, Teenie and Ruth and then had a party at Ruth, Jamie and Ally's flat in the evening. As I had lost so much weight during the high dose, I had planned to wear Rona's grad ball dress (which did fit me three weeks ago). However, when I tried it on again, it was a wee bit snug.. So, obviously I had to go out and buy a new dress - what a shame! I managed to find one in French Connection which I loved. Teenie took a wee snap of me trying it on..

Friday was a great night and everyone made such an effort to dress up - very nice! I received such lovely presents, people have been far too kind to me! Here are some pictures of the night (mainly for Granny's benefit.. more will follow).

Last Thursday there was a bit of a drama with my hickman line - one line wouldn't flush and there was an issue as to whether it would have to be taken out. I was NOT happy about this (obvs) and we went back on Sunday to try again and it seemed to work (well, that's the story in brief anyway). I had it flushed again today and it didn't work... I just hope it's being temperamental and will kick back into action soon!

This week is really busy as I have a lot of tests before I go back to London. Today I had a kidney function test which involved five blood tests and lots of sitting about, so it was rather dull. At the moment I have a really numb chin, which we're hoping is another side effect of the chemo (the neuropathy moving up my body) but we've planned an MRI tomorrow to double check. I've had MRI's before so I'm not nervous about this, I'm just worried about the results. I'm just hoping it's fine. I also have tests on Thursday and Friday so this week isn't going to be much fun.

My Auntie R and cousins from Skye are coming down for a few days so it will be good to see them. Oh, and watched The Social Network with Jamie yesterday, I thought it was great! I don't have much else to report so I shall go now, night all.


  1. I also watched the social network yesterday and also thought it was very good! x

  2. I want to have another cocktail party, lets do it again :) xxxxx

  3. First of all, congratulations on your birthday! 50 is far away, don't worry, I am not even there... (39).
    I wish for you this second high dose will do its work and life will get better afterwards!
    The dress is great!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! You are looking totally fantastic and it's wonderful to see you surrounded by all of your friends. Keep on keeping on!


  5. Here's to the next 25 darling! xxx