Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jumping through hoops

This is just a wee quick update as things went a bit up in the air yesterday! Mum and I had planned to go to Edinburgh for the day and I was sitting in the car waiting to go when Mum got a call from the doctor. Typical. She said as my MRI was clear she wanted me to get a lumbar puncture to check the HCG level in my spinal fluid. She then said I would have to get this in London and it would need to be done on Thursday, which would mean travelling to London on Wednesday (as in today). After she hung up I was not happy at all. It felt like it was the last straw - nobody had explained why I needed this lumbar puncture, what it was, why I needed to go to London, what the procedure would involve etc. Basically, we knew nothing. I called my nurse and went a bit mental asking her all these questions (and more). She was helpful and called back about an hour later to try and calm me down and explain. I was totally thrown, it feels whenever plans are made they fall through. Also, the prospect of trying to pack everything in a day and feeling very rushed was not appealing! As Mum said yesterday, it feels like we're constantly jumping through hoops yet the hoops keep moving. This makes things a lot more difficult!

Anyway, we managed to speak to the prof and he explained it all to me. He doesn't think he will find anything in the spinal fluid but he is checking just to be sure. If all goes to plan, I will still be getting the high dose next week. We have decided to fly down early on Thursday morning and come back to Glasgow on Friday morning (for two days..). I didn't want to be stuck in London not feeling prepared and the prof is fine for me to do this. Apparently, the most common side effect of an LP is a really bad headache so hopefully I'll be fine. Sorry this is very rushed, just thought it'd be easier to write it here than send a mountain of texts explaining what was going on! I'm going to go into town with Teenie in a wee while to grab some bits and bobs before we go, I just can't think what I need! AHHHH!


  1. see you tonight, enjoy jen an :) xxxx

  2. hopefully the some of the last of the hoops to be jumped lovely. Delighted you're coming back home for a coupla days... result!