Saturday, 26 February 2011


So, I had my lumbar puncture on Thursday which went alright really. Mum and I got off the plane about 11am and went straight to Charing Cross Hospital. I got my blood taken and then we went down to the ward to get the LP. Bumped into one of the docs from Hammersmith (who is originally from Rutherglen) and it was nice to see a friendly face. We also bumped into the Prof but he had to stay far back as he curently has a cold! I didn't feel that nervous about the LP, but after waiting about 3 hours the nerves did start to kick in.. It lasted longer than I thought but it didn't hurt too much - the worst part was probably the local anaesthetic. The doctor was very particular and took five tubes of fluid from my spine - I thought this was quite a lot! I hated not seeing what was going on so Mum had to tell me exactly what was happening step by step. However, she didn't tell me the size of the needle until after.. The doctor advised me to lie down for a few hours and to drink a lot of caffeine as this (apparently) prevents a severe headache after the LP. I was lucky to not get a headache so Mum and I left about 6.30 to go to Daphne's. We went out for dinner with Daphne and then just went to bed as we had a very early start the next morning. We left about 5.20am to get to the airport and everything went very smoothly. It's probably a good thing that I didn't have any time to stop at the Mac counter...

We got the prof to chase up the results for the LP yesterday and they came back normal so that's a relief. I was told that the procedure wasn't necessary but it is reassuring that the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else (that we know of). Also, my HCG has been below 2 since November. This means that the high dose has been given the go ahead (as long as I can get a bed..).
I've been trying to get things sorted today but I don't really feel like I've achieved anything! I've laid everything out on James' bed so I just need to pack it. Last time I took far too many clothes but I am not a light packer at all!

Suprisingly, at the moment, I feel OK about going. I think I have forgotten how bad it was the last time... However, I am concentrating on the fact that this will hopefully be my last round of chemo and then I can focus on getting better. I feel physically stronger than I did going into the high dose in December and at least this time I know what will happen. It's not going to be nice but I know I have to remember it does get better. Mum will be with me the whole time and I will have visitors each weekend. It feels rather strange that I will most likely be in hospital for all of March but March is a rubbish month anyway yeah?!

I have no big plans tonight at all. My hair has started to grow in (well, it's pretty patchy) but I know it will fall out again. I don't like waking up with hair all over my pillow so I'm going to get Rona and Teenie to shave it for me (even though Ruth is the expert now!). Right, I best go and gather the rest of my clothes. Happy Saturday all.


  1. Hope the packing went well this evening lovely...
    March is really rubbish, it'll be April before you know it!! Hopefully the last of the hoops woooo!

    love you xxxx

  2. I will marking Teen and Rona's effort with your hair. if its less than a 7 out of 10 I am shaving their heads. it is only fair. See you very soon mai tai xxxxxx

  3. I'm glad the LP went well and the results came back fine. Also great news on the HCG below 2 since November! Fingers crossed on the bed situation and that everything goes smoothly. Mum and Dad are also wishing you well. One last wee step and then freedom (and about a million bad hair days, sorry to alert you to this but trust me, when it grows in for real there will be days you'll wish you were still bald. Something to look forward to haha).lx