Sunday, 10 April 2011


So, the plan is tomorrow, to take my Hickman Line out. My blood was checked on Thursday and my white count was up so hopefully I won't be neutropenic tomorrow! I'm getting my blood checked at 12 then my line will be taken out at 2.30. I AM TERRIFIED. I only really remembered about it today so I've been freaking out about it ever since. I've been through it twice before so I should be fine but it's just really sore! The worst bit is probably the local anaesthetic so maybe I'll feel a bit better when that's done. The nurses are all lovely so I'm glad I'm getting it removed at the Beatson. My magnesium is still quite low so I've been taking stuff to kick that up a bit. Hopefully it will be behaving now.

I've had a nice day today but I am still so tired. I've been out of the hospital nearly three weeks now and I thought I'd be feeling a bit more energised. Unfortunately not. Last week I got very frustrated as I didn't really do anything because of my cold and my lack of energy. After the Beatson on Thursday we went to return something to Topshop and I had to keep on sitting down as my legs felt like they would give way. I've been told this will get better but at the moment it feels like it never will. I know I need to give it time but I am just incredibly fed up! I tidied my room a bit today and that even knackered me. I find it annoying that everyone around me can run about and if I attempt to walk up the stairs I'm totally floored. Basically, I'm insanely jealous of the amount of energy folk have! I just can't wait til I feel able to walk about more - I'm stuck inside missing all this great weather. OK, moan over.

The cards for my scan times came in the post last week. The prof is wanting to see me next Monday but wants me to have an MRI and CT before we see him. They're both booked for first thing in the morning then we'll see him after to discuss them. We've booked the flight for the Sunday night and we're coming back on the Tuesday afternoon. Maybe this time we'll be able to do something fun in London?! E.G. NOT SPEND IT IN HOSPITALS. OK, well Monday morning will be spent in a hospital but I'm sure we can find something to do in the afternoon... I feel quite nervous about these scans. It all seems quite final and I'm worried things won't be as positive as we hope. As far as we know, there is no tumour in my body (HCG has been below 2 since November) but you can't help but worry whenever a scan is booked. I guess it's just natural to feel that way.

Hopefully my next update will say that the Hickman Line procedure went ahead and everything went smoothly... Fingers crossed!


  1. after tomorrow we will be boob tube wearers foreva...hmmm maybs not :) Cannot wait for tomorrow to all be over, and you will have no more hickys. EVER. Love you angel pie xxx

  2. I hope the Hickman removal went well. We were in the same place at the same time again but did not meet- typical! Although I was in horrible Gartnavel. Thinking about you for these scans- I know exactly what you mean about worrying when there is (hopefully) nothing to worry about.
    You won't be in the Beatson on Wednesday will you? I'm going to be in for ages (most of the time will be spent in the MRI machine though).
    Typical long Lynsey message, sorry- so, in short, hope things went well today and you have a lovely long bath/shower/swim/wearage of low cut top to celebrate.lx