Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

As most of you probably know, today is Mother's Day! Out of the kids, it was only Teenie and myself that were in. I think Mum liked her presents though.

Last year when I was diagnosed I moved home pretty swiftly and since then my Mum has done pretty much everything for me. It was about this time last year when I started going to the doctors regularly and nobody was really taking me seriously. If Mum hadn't stepped in and forced them to scan me I have no idea where I would be or what would've happened. I always knew she was good in a crisis but we never wanted to find out this way. She has attended pretty much every appointment, scan, test, hospital stay etc with me and has driven me to countless places! There have been so many things she has done for me, the list is probably endless. I think we've seen each other every day since last May, which was a big change for both of us! We've somehow managed it though... I honestly don't know what I would've done without my Mum and I only wish I could repay her in some way for everything she's done for me this past year. Her life has been completely on hold (like mine) so I'm sure she's looking forward to things going back to normal. OK, I'll stop being mushy now but you get the picture! So here's a snap of my wonderful mum - Happy Mother's Day.

Granny left today to go back to Fearn and we're planning a trip up there soon. We had a lovely night on Thursday with Auntie Dianne and co coming over for dinner.

I'm still choked up with the cold and the cough seems to be getting worse. I'm not sleeping very well so I'm not in the best mood. Oh well. Fingers crossed it will go away soon!


  1. I was about to write a similar post about my Mum when I saw you'd written one :) Your mum sounds as awesome as mine, Happy Mother's Day Mairead's Mum :)

  2. Mothers Day isn't until somewhere in May here, but your mum did deserve this post! She is awesome. Don't overdo trying to repay her for what she did (which is a lot indeed). Just love her!

  3. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MAMMA MAC! I dont know where I would be without my other mother either :) muchos love xxxxxxx

  4. Happy [belated] Mother's Day Mama Mac!! give her some extra squeezes from me and Tom please!

    Hope that cold's getting better sniffles
    love love love xxxxx