Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cough.. Cough.. Strepsil.. Cough..

Big news of the week. I have a cold. Yes, HUGE NEWS. It is the first cold I've had in a year and it has hit me hard! I thought I was a bit better yesterday but today I'm feeling incredibly sorry for myself and taking as many different throat sweets as I can get my hands on. I have a very wide variety thanks to Mum and I'm drinking hot blackcurrant constantly. The doctor came round yesterday and prescribed an antibiotics. I'm not neutropenic at the moment so I should be fine but we're all still incredibly paranoid about everything. I guess we will be for a while.

This week feels like it has been really busy. I'm not very good at not making plans... On Monday I went into the Beatson to see Julie and get blood taken. The nurse who was taking my blood gave me a telling off for turning up at the clinic without an appointment to which I got a bit narky and said, 'well, it's never been an issue before so I don't see why it has to be now'. She then said she would check it out with her manager.. Turns out it's fine so I got told off for nothing. Then when she was cleaning my hickman line she was fiddling with one of the clamps and told me I must make sure they were all clamped at all times. I told her this is my third hickman line and I am well aware of this to which she said, 'well you must be sure because if air gets into it you die'. I sorta went, 'Ehhhh what?! Why are saying this to me?!'. She then started telling me a story about a nurse who killed patients by putting air into their hickman lines. I thought this was a very strange thing for a nurse to tell a patient who was sitting there with a hickman line...Anyway, Julie has arranged for my hickman line to be removed on 11th April. I am very excited about this but also pretty nervous! I really don't like the procedure but I am looking forward to not having lines dangling from my chest. I can wear strappy tops again! Stef was at the Beatson on Monday so we all drove down to the BBC to meet Ruth and Bex for lunch. I decided to wear my wig as I hadn't for a while and I guess it makes me feel a bit more normal - I really do miss having long hair. We had a lovely lunch and I think Granny spotted a couple of newsreaders.

We had a busy afternoon when we came home. Finlay and Christine cycled out to Uddingston to visit which was lovely and Uncle Ivor, Grace and Esther surprised us in the evening! Unfortunately we were out at the fort so had to rush home to catch them. They got me a lovely bunch of flowers and it was so good to see them.

My cold started on Monday night which was rather annoying as I was supposed to be going out the next day. In the end, Frances and Clare came round to house which was great. Clare made an amazing coffee cake. It was soooo good! Very impressive work Clare.

Last May, Frances, Clare and Louise went to Manchester for Louise's hen night which I was supposed to go on but it was just before I was diagnosed and I was feeling really rotten. We didn't know what was going on but it was clear something was up. It's mental to think that's nearly a year ago. Anyway, the girls all got tattoo's on their feet and Clare is trying to persuade me to get one when I'm better. Sorry but I am far too chicken for that! With the amount of needles I've had in the past year (which is most likely hundreds), I should be OK with them but I don't think I fancy any unneccessary pain.. Also, I am far too indecisive for a tattoo. I would never be able to make up my mind! Maybe I'll just get a henna one and pretend?!

Yesterday Rosanna came out for the afternoon and it was great to have a proper catch up. Our family is really close and I love how well all the cousins get on. I have 13 cousins (with myself being the oldest) and it's just great seeing them all. In the evening Ruth, Amy and the boys came out for dinner - any excuse for a Mamma Mac feed!

Today is Granny's birthday so we're going out for dinner tonight. Uncle James showed up this morning with presents and I think Mum and Granny are going out this afternoon. As I am feeling rubbish I've come back to bed and have not achieved much apart from reading a bit of my book and watching an episode of Downton Abbey (which I LOVE). My concentration levels are a lot better now so I'm reading quite a bit again which I'm pleased about. I have quite a lot of books to get through so I need to get stuck into them.

At the moment I'm feeling a bit all over the place - probably because I'm so tired. My mind is going constantly and doesn't seem to want to stop. I think I'm feeling a bit confused about what to do next and need some sort of direction. I'm sure I'll figure it out but I hope I do sooner rather than later. My hands seem to be cramping more frequently which is frustrating. I am really keen to get back into playing the piano but I get so annoyed whenever I sit there for a long period of time. I used to love going through all my old pieces but now I just find myself getting angry. I know it's something I need to work at and I'm determined to play my favourite ones again. My chin doesn't feel as numb anymore which is good but I think I'd rather have a numb chin over numb hands! Well I'm going to go and have some soup for lunch, maybe that will help my throat. Happy Wednesday y'all.

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  1. First of all: henna tattoos are not an option, and you have plenty of time to decide what you want done. You already know it has to go on your left foot! I'll Bonjela your foot if you want and it won't hurt. Probably.

    Also: maybe the piano playing is just lack of practise, it's been a long time since you played properly and it always takes a while to get back into it - I bet the more you try the better you'll find it! xx