Sunday, 27 March 2011

Oh it's good to be home

Well hellooo all! I am currently writing this post from the comfort of my own bed - amazing! Mum and I arrived back on Friday morning and I went straight to bed. It feels so good to be back. We didn't do much at all with our time in London, my walking isn't great at the moment so we were quite restricted. On Wednesday night we met Dad and our friend Peter for dinner. We went to Jamie Oliver's at Westfield and it was sooooo good. I really wanna go to the one in Glasgow now! Here's a snap of Mum and Peter..

On Thursday we had the clinic so turned up at 9.45.. Typically, we waited for over two hours to be seen. Thank goodness I had my blackberry as the only magazines there were ones I had read before or something insanely dull like SAGA or Accounting Today. That's one thing that does my head in about hospital waiting rooms - the magazines. Why would I want to read what the fashion trends from May 2009 were? I don't care about that! It's something that really annoys me! I always donate magazines to hospital waiting rooms when I'm done with them but sometimes I wonder if they just chuck them in the bin. There never seems to be anything remotely up to date. Maybe they want people to be incredibly bored while they're waiting. I don't know why, maybe for some cruel game. OK, rant over. I should've just remembered my book. That would've made more sense. Annnnnywaaaaaaaay, so we went to see Dr Kamfer and he was really pleased with my progress. He said that I coped with the high dose very well and everything seems to have gone very smoothly. He also said he never wants to see me again and in years to come I will look back and this will all seem like a distant memory. It was rather odd saying goodbye to him, hoping that I will never have to see him again. He was the co-ordinator of the stem cell transplant so technically I should have no reason to ever lay my eyes on him again which I'm very happy about! It was peculiar leaving the hospital, I will not miss the creepy dolphin corridor..

In the afternoon Mum and I went to the closest Starbucks for a coffee, packed up the flat and just waited around for the taxi! It wasn't coming til 10.30 so we had loads of time to kill! For some reason, I was really worried as everything seemed to go really smoothly.. We got to the station in loads of time, on the train fine and seemed to have everything... I was waiting for something to go wrong! Luckily nothing went wrong and we made it home fine - I even managed to sleep on the sleeper!

Ruth came round on Friday and we went to the Four Seasons for dinner to celebrate - I had been craving a Chinese so badly! It was amazing but we definitely ate too much. Yesterday Ruth, Alice and Stef came out for the day and it was so good to see them (BOMA's). We had such a lovely afternoon and Jamie and Ally came out for dinner. Teenie tried to take a nice picture of us and it turned out to be very difficult...

I was totally knackered by the time they left, who knew blethering all day could make you so tired! Also, loosing an hour sleep last night - not happy about that! Well I managed to drag myself out of bed to go to church and I'm so pleased I did, it was great to see everyone. Mum had been on a knitting frenzy while we were in London and gave the babies the jumpers she made this morning - I need to get a picture of them in the jumpers! So cute! Granny has come down to visit as it's her birthday this week so I'm sure we'll have a lovely week. I know I've got to take it slowly but it's frustrating - there's so many things I want to do and people to see!

I still can't get over how different the last round of high dose was compared to the first. In December, the first round was so dreadful and I don't think I can put into words how awful I felt. This time round, there were horrible points to it, and it wasn't pleasant but it wasn't nearly as bad. I've said this before, but I think I was just better prepared for it. Maybe it was better as I knew what was coming! Prof's said to me he thinks it will now hit me what has happened so I'm waiting for that sudden whack when it does. I'm off to the Beatson tomorrow to see Julie and to get blood taken. We also need to decide when my hickman line will come out... I'm very excited about that. I shall keep you all posted.


  1. I love commenting- mega lolz.



  2. I don't know what you're talking about Mai, Teenie got some GREAT shots yesterday....

    Still dreaming of those cupcakes btw


  3. It was so cool to meet you today! Glad you are home safe, you look fab.

    Ceggers x